The Ultimate Guide To The Best Golf Brands

The golf industry is worth $84 billion with many different golf brands. Unfortunately, it is confusing to know which golf brand is worth it or not, depending on what they specialize in.

This article will give you an understanding of the different golf brands, what they specialize in, and whether they are worth it.

Is Callaway a Good Golf Brand? It’s One of the Best!

Callaway is one of the best and most reliable golf brands. The brand has made high-performing golf clubs for over three decades. Callaway supplies equipment to every type of golfer, including the best golfers in the world, like the 2021 PGA championship winner Phil Mickelson.

What separates Callaway from other brands is its versatility. They produce equipment from tour pros to beginners to junior golfers with full club sets, making Callaway a great option for beginners golfers, unlike luxury brands such as Titleist.

Callaway is known for providing forgiving drivers that help players hit the ball further, such as their fantastic Big Bertha range of chunk clubs, rather than TaylorMade drivers, which assist in getting power behind the ball. Take a look at the Big Bertha range on Amazon for a bargain.

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B08BPZL5G1″ apilink=”″ new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”4″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”Big Bertha B-21 Hybrids are built for distance any way you swing it.~~~They create fast ball speeds across an expansive area in each model and loft, with our advanced A.I.-designed Flash Face.~~~We’ve added more offset to help reduce your slice or big miss. This increased offset helps to promote a straighter ball flight for more distance.~~~Fast ball speed also comes from two internal Jailbreak bars that connect the sole and crown, so the face can take on more of the load at impact.~~~Features a completely new RCH shaft, designed by Callaway to specifically enhance the Big Bertha offering, with an Active Tip Flag section for easy launch.” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy now on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″]Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid (Right, Graphite, Regular, 3 Hybrid) , Silver[/amalinkspro]

Callaway produces some of the best hybrid and irons in the market, which is superb at helping you navigate fairways and the rough on the course. Every mid-range handicapper should invest in a good set of hybrids.

Callaway has a phenomenal cost-to-quality ratio providing excellent golf equipment across the board for every level of golfer.

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I just touched the surface on why Callaway is a great golf brand. Please read my in-depth article for a complete guide into why Callaway is good.

Is TaylorMade a Good Golf Brand? The Real Opinion

TaylorMade is the second-biggest brand on the PGA tour and creates the number 1 driver in golf, the TaylorMade R1. In addition, the brand is respected worldwide with a huge presence in all forms of golf advertising.

Like Callaway, TaylorMade covers every level of player but caters to high-performance golfers, including some of golf’s best players Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, and Dustin Johnson.

I do not recommend a beginner golfer or high handicapper to purchase TaylorMade clubs. Although, TaylorMade irons are built to a professional standard. They are expensive and require the player to be comfortable using less forgiving bladed irons.

TaylorMade also produces sets for junior golfers looking to get into the game of golf, which offer great value for money, providing kids with an excellent starter pack to start their golfing careers.

For more experienced players who want to reduce their average scores by picking up a set of performance-enhancing sets in TaylorMade, SIM clubs will immediately improve your game. You can take a look at the sets on Amazon for a great price.

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For a detailed look into TaylorMade as a brand and their best brands, look no further than my helpful guide.

Is Cobra A Good Golf Brand?

Cobra is a golf brand that produces high-quality equipment for every level of golfer. Their beginner clubs rival every manufacturer. Their drivers are some of the best in the tour, allowing Bryson DeChambeau to hit the ball 400 yards. Their irons cannot compete with other top brands, but their woods, hybrids, putters can.

Cobra spends millions on ‘Radspeed’ technology, helping players get incredible swing speeds and distance on their shots through radial weight distribution in their clubheads.

From beginners to medium handicappers, all golfers benefit from Cobra’s high-performance technology.

If you’re struggling to get a good connection on the ball, I recommend investing in the Cobra King driver, which can be bought on Amazon for a bargain. In addition, this equipment provides more stability in the downswing because of its aerodynamic shape gliding through the air before impact.

Cobra uses 3-D printing for their putters to create a variety of bladed and high moment of inertia putters sold by Amazon used by many players on the PGA Tour.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer regarding the best golf brand. For example, Callaway might be bigger than Cobra, but Cobra rivals Callaway in many aspects, including their clubs’ performance-enhancing nature, especially their drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

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Want to know more about Cobra? To know which pros use Cobra and what are the best clubs the brand produces, please read my helpful guide.

Is Cleveland a Good Golf Brand?

Cleveland makes the best wedges in the market with solid drivers and irons. Cleveland is a smaller golf brand in 1979 in Huntington Beach, California, beginning as a company specializing in producing replicas of classic golf clubs.

Having a good set of wedges in your golf bag is one way to help you save a bunch of shots in and around the greens. For the best overview on the internet for which approach wedges you need in your golf bag, I advise you to read my ultimate guide, which goes into great depth on the differences in loft between each type of wedge. 

Cleveland makes great, highly forgiving irons. In addition, it created the launcher XL Halo Irons for any holder who is struggling and hits fat shots, has trouble creating power on the ball, or just starting. I recommend buying this iron set.

It is backed like a hybrid iron and is perhaps the biggest, thickest, and most forgiving iron in golf. It has a huge heel that prevents golfers from striking the ball fat, allowing you to keep the clubface on target.

You should buy this set from Amazon while stocks last if you’re looking to improve your skills on the course.

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Still curious about Cleveland? For a complete guide into the brand, I recommend reading my in-depth guide.

Is Mizuno a Good Golf Brand? (Their Irons are Elite)

Mizuno produces some of the best irons and wedges for players on the PGA and European tours. They are world-class in bladed irons with unrivaled knowledge on building forged-iron clubs.

Japanese sporting giant Mizuno has produced some of the most hardwearing and durable sporting equipment for the past 100 years. Interestingly, Mizuno helped design and build military ordinances to assist Japan’s efforts in World War II. From producing Rocket Interceptors to military gliders, the brand has an acute knowledge working across various disciplines, but golf is their specialty.

I do not suggest beginner golfers purchase Mizuno bladed irons; instead, focus on cavity-backed irons with a higher center of gravity and less forgiving than bladed irons. See my guide, which discusses why beginners golfers should not use bladed irons. 

Nothing beats the feel of a Mizuno iron compared to a Titleist or TaylorMade Iron. Mizuno’s high-spec clubs like the JPX series of their MP-20 range provide more traction and control over your shots.

If you are a mid-range handicap and looking to improve your ball striking and hit shots with improved precision, I recommend the JPX series. Getting them on Amazon ensures you get the best price but be quick as stocks will NOT last!

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Mizuno is not a cheap golf brand, but they make world-class equipment. Read my helpful article to see what pros use Mizuno and the best Mizuno clubs for you.

Is Top Flite A Good Golf Brand?

Top Flight is a value brand similar to Slazenger. However, it does not have a reputation for quality, and a set of Top Flight sets costs around $150-$219(£113-£166). You are better off buying a good quality used set from another brand on eBay or Craiglist.

However, Top Flight balls are good inexpensive balls that are perfect for many players.

The issue with buying a Top Flight set is you will outgrow the clubs quickly.

Look at this comment from Reddit about Top Flite.

I had the same Top Flite set and then bought a second handset 3 months later. A year later, I got fitted for a new set. I think buying a second set of high quality would be a good way to go.

Top Flite balls are a different story. The balls are well made. They do not cut or nick like other brands. They are consistent, and they have great reviews. If you are a beginner buying expensive golf balls like Pro V1s is ridiculous.

If you compare Top Flite and Titleist Pro VI balls, a pack of 12 Titleist Pro V1 balls costs around £42.95 ($57.22), £3.57 ($4.64) per golf ball!

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Thirsty for more information? Please read my article that goes into my depth.

Why Slazenger Can Be an Excellent Golf Brand!

If you are brand new to the game and not sure if you will stick with golf, long-term Slazenger clubs are perfect. The best clubs are the clubs that fit your budget, and Slazenger clubs will hit balls just fine. However, a consistent swing and solid golf fundamentals matter more.

The popular golfing YouTuber Peter Finch played a game of golf with a £70 ($90) Slazenger golf set that included the bag, and at the end of the video, he gave locals at the course the driver of the set and asked them how much it costed.

Their answers ranged from £115 ($153) to £299 ($397.80) when in reality, the driver is worth around £10 ($13)! You can get a similar set for a bargain on Amazon here.

Golf is all about technique. Give any PGA player wooden vintage clubs from 1920, and I guarantee he will play better than an amateur with an expensive top-of-the-line set.

To look into beginners’ golf and what you need to focus on, I recommend reading my complete beginner’s guide to golf.

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Please read my look into the brand for more information on Slazenger clubs, including the video I mentioned above.

Why Are Titlelist Clubs So Expensive?

Titleist clubs are designed to push the limits of golf technology without regard to the cost. In addition, they are made of premium materials. PGA players use Titleist because of their quality and excellent connection with the golf ball compared to other brands.

Across the PGA Tour, Titleist irons were used more than any other brand, with 28% of golfers choosing to use Titleist irons, while 51% opted to use Titleist wedges. 

Titleist produces some of the best-looking and top golf clubs globally, but you might prefer other brands depending on your swing type, skill level, and how you like the clubs to feel.

Titleist spends millions of dollars annually redefining their technology to help golfers hit further and better. They are acclaimed for their Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls, the number choice for pro golfers worldwide. My post goes into detail about the differences between the balls.

Compared to other brands like TaylorMade or Callaway, Titleist is more of an elite brand. However, most of their clubs are built to the standards of professional golfers, so beginners shouldn’t use them.

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I just touched the surface on Titleist. For an in-depth guide into the golf brand, please read my helpful article.

Is Ping a Good Golf Brand? 7/50 Pros Use Them

Ping is one of the best golf brands on the PGA tour. Its clubs are designed for low handicappers typically, and their clubs are forged iron clubs. In addition, Ping has some of the best golf bags and golf clothes on the market.

Ping is one of the oldest golf brands. They continue to innovate in designing PGA tour-quality clubs from drivers to sand wedges.

Ping produces more forgiving clubs at a reasonable price compared to brands like Titleist. In addition, Ping provides golfers with improved power and better connection on the shot via muscle back bladed irons. Finally, the increased chunkiness of the clubhead gives the player more punch and rip off the ball, allowing you to tear the ball in the air at faster speeds.

Ping designs clubs for various skill levels starting from mid-range handicappers who want to improve their ball striking. If you are a complete beginner, I recommend this Callaway starting set from Amazon.

However, if you are a mid-range handicapper or higher and want to hit the ball further with an improved connection on your shot, look no further than Ping.

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You can read my helpful guide for a detailed look into Ping, including what pros use the brand and what they are known for.

Is Tour Edge a Good Golf Brand?

Tour Edge is one of the best golf brands globally. It consistently produces clubs that rank in the top 10 for each category. One hundred twenty-nine players use Tour Edge on the PGA tour with 12 wins.

Tour Edge isn’t as well known as Callaway or TaylorMade, but they have a rich history of producing high-quality clubs at affordable prices with an excellent feel and improved power.

David Glod founded the brand in 1986, a former golf pro at the Village Links Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with the desire to change the golfing consumer’s perception of what value they could get out of their clubs. He is now considered one of the world’s best club designers, with his brand being a top-ten manufacturer globally.

What separates Tour Edge from other brands is they provide comparable golf quality at a MUCH better price. On the other hand, you look at Titleist, whose price is inflated because of their branding.

Look at the Exotic Driver available on Amazon for a bargain. It is one of the lightest drivers I’d played with. It is also one of the most stable and true clubs I’ve used, offering an extremely high moment of inertia to hold the club square through impact.

Tour Edge also caters to junior golfers, beginners, and those looking int get into golf. You can purchase full club sets that include bags for male, female, senior, and junior golfers. You may think these sets may skimp on a lot of quality like other major golf brands do for their full sets, but these maintain their quality across the board and are tailored to help beginners get better at striking the golf ball. 

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Overall, Tour Edge is an excellent brand that is often overlooked. For a deeper look into why it’s so good, please read my helpful guide.

Is Dunlop a Good Golf Brand? It’s a Great Bargain Option

Dunlop is a value golf brand similar to Slazenger that lacks a little in quality. Dunlop is suitable for beginners golfers or the occasional weekend golfer. Dunlop clubs are not performance-enhancing, but their irons and putters are good. For under $300, Dunlop has a near-perfect starter set.

Dunlop is known for its versatility for a long amount of sporting equipment worldwide. However, compared to brands like Adidas and Nike, Dunlop provides cheaper, lower-quality equipment perfect for people wanting a value brand.

Dunlop is the perfect beginner golf brand. Of course, you won’t be able to smash a Dunlop driver the same as a TaylorMade SIM, but you will save yourself tons of cash that you can spend on golf lessons while still enjoying your round.

Dunlop DDH Yellow Golf balls on Amazon for a fantastic price. They are harder and made of a lower quality rubber core than Titleist Pro V1, but their low cost makes you not feel annoyed when you blast a couple in the lake on the first tee.

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If you are a beginner, you can’t go wrong with Dunlop. To learn more about the brand, I suggest you read my article.

Is Wilson a Good Golf Brand? It’s The BEST Value Brand

Wilson is the best value golf brand. Wilson has over 100 years of experience and focuses on golf equipment, concentrates on beginner and mid-range handicappers, and provides elite-level golf equipment for some pro golfers.

Picking the right golf ball for beginners can forever change how you play. It’s best to choose a golf ball that isn’t too soft or hard a talk into detail about the different types of golf balls. You should use in my guide on what makes a golf ball. Still, Wilson staff balls available on Amazon are a perfect option for any beginner or mid-range golfer.

Wilson provides excellent full club sets. You will be able to find the right club set for your unique needs, such as men, junior and women sets on Amazon for a great price.

The incredible thing about these irons and drivers is that they have huge sweet spots with cavity-backed club heads and wide toes, which give players more forgiveness, allowing less experienced golfers to get a much cleaner stroke on their shots.

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Wilson is arguably the most underrated brand in golf. To see why and get a deeper dive into the brand and if any pros use Wilson clubs, do yourself a favor and read my helpful guide.

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