Is Dunlop A Good Golf Brand? (It’s a great bargain option)

There are hundreds of golf brands out there producing high-quality golf equipment that golfers of all abilities can play with, so how good is Dunlop?

Dunlop is a cheaper golf brand that lacks a little in quality; the equipment is more suitable for beginner golfers or those who play golf occasionally. Dunlop equipment is not necessarily performance-enhancing, but they offer solid irons and decent putters, and for under $300, Dunlop has a complete, nearly perfect starter set.

I will explain why Dunlop is a good golf brand and the best pieces of golf equipment the company has.

One of Dunlop’s best-golfing equipment is their golf balls; grab a dozen yellow balls for a bargain on Amazon below.

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Why Dunlop is a decent golf brand

As a brand, Dunlop is renowned for its versatility and the vast array of equipment for sports across the world. Compared to the likes of Adidas and Nike, Dunlop provides much cheaper and lower-quality equipment that is perfect for athletes looking to get the best bang for their buck. 

When it comes to golf, Dunlop is a significant player in the sport. Compared to TaylorMade, Titleist, and Ping, they do not invest nearly as much technology into their equipment, but what Dunlop does better than any is produce great golf clubs for beginner golfers or part-time golfers at an excellent price. 

Titleist is a costly brand for golfing equipment, and as I discuss in my guide that I recommend on why are Titleist so expensive, a lot of the time, golfers end up paying for the label that comes with the brand and the equipment. Don’t get me wrong, Titleist is one of the best-golfing brands on the market and can provide players with special performance-enhancing equipment, but these clubs are not built for everyone. 

If you’re a beginner golfer looking to get into the sport, stay away from buying the big brands and stick to smaller ones like Dunlop. I talk more about why these brands aren’t best for beginners in my article on how much a beginner should spend on clubs. Still, in a nutshell, these clubs are a waste of money for beginner golfers who, realistically, shouldn’t be spending $1000 on a set of golf clubs. 

That’s why Dunlop is the perfect golfing brand for the beginner. Although you won’t be able to smash a Dunlop driver the same as a TaylorMade SIM, you’ll save yourself a ton of cash and will enjoy your round of golf more with a much more forgiving set of golf clubs. 

Confused about what’s the best golf brand for you? To clear things up I recommend reading my complete golf brand guide.

But when it comes to golfing equipment Dunlop is best known in golf for their cheap golf balls. You can pick up a 12-box of Dunlop DDH Yellow Golf balls on Amazon for a fantastic price. Yes, these golf balls are a lot harder and are made of a lower standard rubber core and a harder outer-casing than that of a Pro V1, but because of their low price, you won’t feel as aggrieved if you splash a couple into the lake on the first tee. 

That’s why I urge beginners to buy these golf balls compared to purchasing a brand new pack of Titleist Pro V1’s. As much as a Pro V1 feels nice to hit, they are not worth the cost of losing. Previously I have argued that the Pro V1 is a waste of money, especially for beginner golfers. However, these golf balls cost a couple of dollars each, and that’s a pretty price to pay if you do end up losing them on the course. 

You can hit a Pro V1 further than a Dunlop DDH, and it will have a much nicer contact and feel on your club, but as a high handicap golfer or beginner, realistically, you’re not going to be able to handle the difference in the shot between golf balls. So realistically speaking, you’re only going to be happy if you send the ball up in the air and straight down the fairway. 

Even then, if you’re a mid-range handicapper looking to up your game, it can be unwise to continue to use lesser quality golf balls like Dunlop. If you can, try to upgrade your ball as you lower your handicap to using a much softer and more versatile golf ball. The smoother, the better, as that helps you add more spin to your shot, but try to avoid buying expensive balls. You can pick up golf balls you find on the course, as shown in my article (obviously so long as it’s no one else’s), or you could invest in a packet of cheap, refurbished Pro V1 balls on Amazon

The other great thing about Dunlop is the array of golfing equipment and accessories the brand produces for a great value. For example, you can pick up cheap umbrellas, golf grip tape, and score cardholders for a much lower price than you’d pay elsewhere. For that reason, Dunlop is a great brand that can seriously help its buyers save a lot of cash on their golfing equipment, which can otherwise be a costly outlay. 

When buying your next golf bag, a box of golf balls, or even looking for an umbrella to keep you dry in the winter, check out Dunlop’s range of high-quality equipment, which promises excellent value, durability, and longevity.  

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