Why Slazenger Is The PERFECT Golf Brand

Want to get some Golfing equipment but not sure if Slazenger is a good Golf brand? In Golf, equipment does matter but it’s more about your technique, but is Slazenger good enough for the average Golfing amateur? Let’s discuss.

If your brand new to the game, and figuring out whether Golf is for you, Slazenger Clubs are perfect. The best clubs are the ones that feel best and fit your budget, Slazenger Clubs will hit balls just fine, it’s the consistent swing and Golf fundamentals which matter more than Clubs.

Golf technique is far more important than what clubs you use, stick around and I will explain why Slazenger is a good Golf brand, and if Slazenger balls are good, read on to find out.

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Why Slazenger Is A Good Golf Brand

The popular Golfing YouTuber Peter Finch played a game of Golf with a £70($90) Slazenger Golfing set, that included the bag in the above video, at the end he gave locals at the Golf course the sets Driver and asked them what they think it’s worth

Their answers ranged from £115($153) to £299($397.80) when in reality the Driver is worth around £10($13)! You can get a similar set for a bargain on Amazon here.

What does this tell you? Well, it’s simple Golf is all about technique, give any PGA player wooden vintage clubs from the 1920s and I guarantee they will play better than an amateur with a super-expensive top of line Golf set.

It doesn’t matter what Clubs you use, as long as you striking the ball well, at the beginner’s stage creating a solid consistent swing with good Golfing fundamentals like hitting the ball squarely in the Club face is what matters.

Put Slazenger clubs in the hands of anyone half decent and I guarantee they can play Golf and shoot low numbers just fine.

Buying an affordable set, like this one from Amazon fits a lot of beginner Golfers budget, and gets them happy playing and enjoying Golf in the first place.

A big issue with Golf and in my post that goes into detail why Golf is such an expensive sport is casual players constantly buy new clubs almost like buying the newest iPhone, as Golf is so difficult, people often play bad which encourages them to blame the performance on their clubs rather than their own skill.

It’s easy to blame the equipment rather than on your lack of skill isn’t it?

If your struggling to drive 150 yards, what benefit would expensive gloves give you? Your money would so MUCH further if you bought an inexpensive Golf set like Slazenger and spent the rest on Golfing lessons. You would be improve much much faster.

To know how to fix the mistakes your likely making stopping you from driving the ball far, please check out my post here.

Buying expensive Clubs could even do you harm! Around 25%-35% of PGA players including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy use blades, which are generally more expensive than cheaper cavity back clubs, see more info here.

Bladed Golf Clubs are far less forgiving than cavity backs, blades are like a bike without stabilisers and cavity backs are bikes with stabilisers.

If your teaching your child how to ride a bike, would the bike have stabilizers? It’s the exactly same thing with Golf, beginners will buy expensive bladed irons and wonder why the Golf ball is so hard to hit would discourage from learning Golf and becoming good!

Beginners need to concentrate on learning the basic fundamental movements like body movement and positioning, and just focus on hitting the ball well and gaining confidence with ball striking. Then and only then, will shafts, clubs grips make a difference.

Shafts do need to be replaced if they get worn out, find out how much you should pay to reshaft a Golf club in my post here.

Slazenger Clubs are great, as they fit the balance of being decent clubs at an affordable price, don’t be pressured into spending more than you’d want to, just to fit in with your friends buying only the top of the range clubs.

Confused about what’s the best golf brand for you? To clear things up I recommend reading my complete golf brand guide.

Are Slazenger Golf Clubs Good?

In the above video by Golf Monthly two drivers, the Slazenger P500 £50/$66 was compared with the TaylorMade M3 £479/$638 were compared and the results were very interesting!

Ultimately, the 9 times more expensive club only gave the Golfer Neil Tappin an extra 6 yards! Almost £100/$133) per 100 yards!

The feel was the biggest difference between the two drivers, the M3 TaylorMade made a solid powerful sound at impact, and you can feel the latest Golfing craftsmanship & technology went into making this Driver.

The P500 had a louder, higher-pitched sound but for £50/$66 what do you expect? The M3 has all the bells and whistles you expect for a premium Driver but the difference was only 6 yards.

The above video shows only at a high level does expensive equipment matter, no PGA tour player uses Slazenger Clubs as they aren’t as good as the premium manufacturers but 6 yards in professional Golf is HUGE, but at an amateur level not so much.

As a beginner you will be hitting the ball incorrectly even with the most expensive Driver in the world, buy a cheap set of Clubs first, spend the money you save on lessons and only after 2 years should you expand on more expensive clubs that fit you needs.

Do you think you can become a professional Golfer? Find out in my post here.

Are Slazenger Golf Balls Good?

Slazenger balls use a lower compression that is ideal for Golfers with a slower swing speed, perfect for beginners and most amateurs. Costing around £13/$17 for a pack of 24 averaging at £0.54/$0.72 they offer fantastic value compared to more expensive Golf balls brands.

Compare the value of Slazenger balls on Amazon with a pack of 12 Titleist Pro V1 balls costing around £42.95/$57.22, that £3.57/$4.64 per Golf ball!

As a beginner, you’re more likely to smash your brand new Pro V1 ball into the trees than hit clean and straight down the fairway, and that ball could be gone for good! Why buy expensive balls thatat you will only lose?

I think the above numbers speak their own story but I will explain why Slazenger balls are good, to see how budget Slazaneger V100 balls and Inesis balls compared to more expensive Srixon Golf balls check the above video.

Slazenger balls offer at a reasonable price, a multi-layered construction with titanium enhanced overstock, read more in Golf links review of the balls here.

The only thing Slazenger balls lack, is the control for players with higher swing speeds due to a lower compression of the balls, they are harder and will be harder to create spin with.

Does this matter to the average Golfer? Of course not! Just like with Clubs, buy the most affordable Golf balls for your price range, don’t make the mistake of paying ridiculous money for Pro V1s only to lose one by the second hole and be scared of losing money affecting your game, and making you play worse.

“It’s not so much the clubs, but who is swinging the club that matters

Golfing Quite

Remember that Golfing technique beats everything! Buy the cheapest equipment you can to play Golf, and spend the rest on lessons! You’re handicap will thank me later.

Amazing beginner golf sets at fantastic prices only on Amazon below.

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