Is Top Flite A Good Golf Brand? (Why It’s A Great Brand)

Wondering if Top Flite is a good Golf brand? The brand formerly owned by Callaway is a value Golf brand aimed at beginners and intermediates, I will explain if it’s the right Golf brand for you.

Top Flite is a value brand, similar to Slazenger, it does not have a reputation for quality. A Top Flite set of clubs is around $150-$219.99 but you are better off buying a good quality used set from eBay or Craiglist. But Top Flite Golf balls are good inexpensive balls, perfect for many players.

This doesn’t mean Top Flite is an awful Golf brand, I will explain more about the brand if Top Flite is made by Callaway and if any pros use Top flite, read on to find out.

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Is Top Flite A Good Golf Club?

If you’re a beginner and not sure if you’re taking Golf seriously, Top Flite is a decent Golf Club brand. The Top Flite XL Golf Set comes with a complete Set of Graphite/Steel Clubs, including a bag a Driver, and 3-Wood covers for less than $200.

You can see a review of Top Flite XL Golf set up above, some people spend more on their Driver that an entire Top Flite set, you get an arrow on the club head for the driver, 3-wood, and Hybrid to help you with alignment.

I’m sure you are interested in how much a beginner should spend on golf clubs. I wrote an in-depth guide on what clubs a beginner should buy and how much you should spend to save you the hassle.

The reviewer used those clubs for 10 months, whilst the aesthetic design of the Golf grip wore out quickly, the integrity of all the Clubs have remained the same.

Should you buy them? You can get a similarly priced, better quality set from sites like Craigslist/Gumtree or eBay, if you buy a Top Flite set and play a lot you will outgrow that set quickly.

Look at this comment from Reddit about Top Flite.

I had the same Top Flite set and then bought a second handset 3 months later. A year later, I got fitted for a new set. I think buying a second set of high quality would be a good way to go.

By all means, if these are the only Clubs in your budget ANY clubs are better than no Clubs! The only way to improve at Golf is to get out there and start swinging.

For tips on how to get the best out of your driving range time, see my post here.

Whilst, you could buy the set and slowly replace each club as you outgrow them, you will waste money in the long run as you could have bought higher quality clubs without needing to replace them after 6 months when you fall in love with Golf.

I quickly checked on eBay and found this set of Adam Golf clubs for $225, a brand that is considered very underrated, I’m sure you could find better deals for yourself, but it pays to spend a bit more on quality.

Confused about what’s the best golf brand for you? To clear things up I recommend reading my complete golf brand guide.

Are Top Flite Golf Balls Good?

Top Flite makes good quality, affordable Golf balls. The balls are well made and do not cut or nick like other brands, the balls are consistent and have great reviews and you will find them on a shelf in any sporting goods or Golf retailer.

Get a pack of 24 for a great price on Amazon here.

For a beginner, buying expensive Golf balls is ridiculous, if you compare Top Flite to Titleist Pro VI balls, a pack of 12 Titleist Pro V1 balls costs around $57.22, which is $4.76 per Golf ball!

As a beginner, you’re more likely to smash your brand-new Pro V1 ball into the trees or lake than hit clean and straight down the fairway, and that ball could be gone for good! Why buy expensive balls that you will only lose?

Rick Shiels a popular Golf YouTuber did a review of Top Flites’ new ‘gamer balls’ that Top Flite claims is long distance, in the above video.

When hit, the ball didn’t move much and stayed stable in the air showing proof that it really is a long-distance ball, after a durability test of 10 bunker shots there were some nicks on the ball but it held up well.

Want to know how to smash the Golf ball further? See my post here.

When driven, he got an average carry distance of 275 yards, 158 MPH ball speed, and an average spin of 2215 RPM, he rated the ball 8/10 for distance, overall for the price it’s a fantastic ball.

See a review of the Top Flite balls by Golf Link here.

Is Top Flite Made By Callaway?

Callaway Golf on April 4th, 2012 sold Top Flite to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Callaway owned Top Flite for 10 years, and it was one of the biggest brands in the world for Golf balls.

Callaway sold Top Flite, to focus on the core of their business Callaway and Odyssey products, according to Callaway CEO Chip Brewer at the time.

“Our strong working relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods went a long way towards the completion of this agreement, and we look forward to their stewardship of the Top-Flite brand.”

Chip Brewer Callaway President And CEO

According to Callaway, the divestiture of Top-Flite followed a global company restructuring designed to reduce costs, and increase emphasis on its primary brands, see more information on Golf Week here.

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Do Any Pros Use Top-Flite?

No professional Golfers use Top Flite, as Top Flite balls are not aimed at pro players, they do not spin which is what pro players need to ensure full control of the ball. Pro players use Titleists, Taylormade, Bridgestone, Srixon’s, and Callaway Golf Balls

This doesn’t mean Top Flite doesn’t make good Golf balls, but at the very highest level like in the PGA tour every yard makes a big difference, no Pro can afford the loss of distance Top Flite ball has in comparison to premium ball manufacturers.

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