Why Are Titleist Clubs So Expensive? Are They Overpriced

Golf is a costly sport; as most experienced golfers know, the game can put a big dent in your bank account. From buying new clubs to new balls, the sport can become a financial burden, especially if you buy from the Titleist store, but what makes Titleist clubs so expensive?

In total Titleist, engineers are told to push the limits of technology design and materials without regard to cost, which is why they are expensive. Professionals around the world use Titleist because of their enhanced quality and superior connection with the golf ball compared to other golf brands

In this guide, we’ll be examining whether Titleist golf clubs are worth the added price tag. We’ll also consider whether it’s worth buying expensive golf clubs, depending on your skill level

Take a look at the best Titleist products down below.

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Are Titleist Clubs The Best?

As a whole Titleist produce some of the best looking and top golf clubs in the game but whether if they’re right for you depends on your skill level, swing type, and how the clubs feel in your hands. Titleist may be regarded as a great brand, but you might prefer another set of golf clubs. 

There’s a reason why Titleist is trusted by more tour professionals than any other golf brand in the industry. Across the whole of the PGA Tour in 2020, Titleist irons were used more than any other brand, with 28% of golfers choosing to use Titleist irons, while 51% opted to use Titleist wedges. 

The brand is also the choice of the champions, with Masters winner Jordan Speith, PGA Champion Justin Thomas, and US Open champion Webb Simpson all currently using Titleist clubs on the PGA and European Tours. 

Titleist is acclaimed for its Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls which are also the choice of most pro golfers worldwide. And like their golf clubs, both are hand-built by Titleist, who have spent millions of dollars perfecting the technology of their equipment to help golfers hit the ball better and further. 

To see if Titleist Pro V1 are worth it for beginners consider checking out my article.

Titleist Pro V1 are the best balls but what about Titleist clubs?

Well, the pros might say so, but Titleist’s irons can be quite hard to use. The majority of Titleist’s irons are forged-iron golf clubs, which have limited cavity backing on the heel of the club.

This means the majority of their clubs are built to the standards of professional golfers or very low handicappers who don’t need a lot of forgiveness when they swing through the shot. 

I’ve discussed in my post how less experienced golfers will generally struggle to use bladed or muscle-backed irons and many of the clubs Titleist sell shouldn’t be used by beginners for that reason. 

For intermediate golfers and lower handicap players, Titleist’s irons are a performance-enhancing club that can help you score lower cards. But as with any muscle-backed iron, they take a bit of time to get used to and will be frustrating to use at first if you’ve not used bladed irons before.  

Titleist does produce a range of irons to cater to different abilities. For golfers looking to strike the ball further but still need a bit of forgiveness in their iron play, take a look at the T300 series. The club has a large face, deep grooves, and a concave back that gives the player a better connection with the golf ball even if you hit your shot fat.

Scratch golfers should look more towards their higher-spec clubs like the T100 and the T100s, series used by tour players Justin Thomas and Jordan Speith. When it comes to launching the ball long down the fairway, you can’t hit it much better with any other club than these, and you can pick them up today on Amazon.

Although, Titleist’s golf clubs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Despite the incredible technology the brand has used to develop their equipment, they are more of an elite traditionalist club than the technology being implemented in Taylormade and Callaway’s clubs at more affordable prices.

When trying to decide who produces the best golf clubs, it comes down to a subjective opinion of which you prefer the most and how the club feels when you swing through the ball. I use Callaway clubs as they feel more natural than most other clubs when I strike the ball. 

But as golf clubs go, Titleist’s clubs are one of the best when it comes to helping you strike the ball better, further, and more consistently.

Confused about what’s the best golf brand for you? To clear things up I recommend reading my complete golf brand guide.

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Golf Clubs?

As a general rule, the more expensive the golf club the higher its performance will be but depending on your playing ability, you may want to consider purchasing a cheaper set of clubs and then work your way up to the more expensive clubs

Sometimes it’s not worth buying expensive golf clubs. I work off a principle that the more expensive the club is, the harder they are to use. Beginners will struggle to yield good results with expensive clubs, and typically they should only be used by professionals or those looking to become pro golfers. 

If a beginner were to purchase a brand new set of Titleist T100 irons, I would admire them for their ambition to hit long bombs. Still, I’d be concerned that using high-performance clubs so early in your golfing career could stop you from developing a good technique and also put you off playing golf. 

My top piece of advice for any beginner is to avoid buying expensive, top-of-the-range clubs. Although they are performance-enhancing for more experienced golfers, beginner golfers will struggle to use them at the base level. For that reason, it’s better not to waste your money and purchase a more feasible and forgiving cavity-backed alternative that will help you progress in golf faster. 

Use the money you saved on expensive clubs and instead invest it into quality coaching to see how many golf lessons a beginner should have check out my article.

Even for experienced golfers, I’d err on the side of caution when purchasing top-of-the-range clubs. Unless you’re thinking of joining the PGA Tour or are seriously considering a career as a pro golfer, it’s not worth spending $1000 on golf clubs that you will struggle to use. 

After all golf is all about technique give Tiger Woods a golf bag from the 1920s and he would still be in a different league than an intermediate player with a full Titleist bag of clubs.

And if you’re still set on buying an elite set of clubs, you can find cheap refurbished clubs online at sites like GolfBidder or JamGolf. Here you can find professional-standard second-hand clubs for a great price. 

Don’t Always Think Price Means Performance.

Golf is an expensive sport, and despite the lure of purchasing an expensive bag of clubs, you’re better off saving your money and using it to play better, more expensive courses or invest in golf lessons to see the 11 ways golf lessons will transform your game see my article.

It’s easy to think that a more expensive set of clubs, like the Titleist T100, could help you play better, but, for most golfers, these clubs often have the reverse effect. 

Titelist T100 are bladed irons making them much harder to use; unless you have experience using bladed clubs before, you’ll struggle to use them. That’s not saying Titleist is a bad golf brand. They are up there as one of the top three best golf club manufacturers in the world. But golfers, especially higher handicappers, need to be savvy with how they spend their money on golf equipment. 

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