Is Cobra A Good Golf Brand? (Many Pros Use Them!)

Cobra is one of the largest suppliers of cutting-edge golf equipment globally. A subsidiary brand of the sports icon Puma, Cobra was founded as a golfing manufacturer in 1973 and is one of the older manufacturers that still produces high-quality golf equipment today. 

Cobra is a good golf brand producing high-quality equipment for beginners golfers to professionals; their beginner’s clubs rival every manufacturer. Their drivers are some of the best in tour, allowing Bryson DeChambeau to hit the ball 400 yards. Their irons cannot compete with other top brands, but their woods, hybrids, putters can.

In this guide, I’m delving deeper into what makes Cobra such a good golfing brand and why they are favored by some of the bigger hitters on golf’s professional tours.

I’ll be comparing the brand to Callaway to understand better an average golfer looking to buy a set of intermediate clubs and explaining what pros use Cobra golf clubs. 

Why Cobra Is A Good Golf Brand 

Cobra manufacture clubs for some of the greats of golf, but they also haven’t forgotten the average golfer and design equipment using top-of-the-range 3D printing technology to cater to a wide range of golfing abilities. For that reason, Cobra is one of the greatest brands for game improvement.

It’s nice to see a brand invest in catering for regular golfers like you and me while producing some of the best equipment in the world for a lot of the best players in the world. One great thing about Cobra is their research working with the best golfers in the world to produce high-performance irons gets filtered into the clubs they have for low and mid-range handicap golfers.

That allows them to incorporate new technology in their clubs that can seriously enhance your performance on the golf course. For example, Cobra has improved over the past few years by developing their new ‘Radspeed’ technology, which helps players get more incredible swing speed and distance on their shots through radial weight distribution in each of their club heads. 

Working with some of golf’s bigger hitters, Cobra has produced some of the best driving equipment in the game, which has helped PGA Pro Bryson Dechambeau become the biggest hitter on the American Tour

Best known for their Cobra King Speedzone Drivers, which provides golfers with huge distances off the tee, the Cobra King is designed to give players more stability and feel to help you strike more fluid drives. The club comes with a large ‘infinity clubface,’ which has an enormous sweet spot, making it an excellent club for mid-range handicappers trying to improve their driving. If you’re struggling to hit the ball well with your driver, I advise you to read my guide on hitting lower lofted drivers. 

Suppose you’re struggling to get a good connection on the ball. In that case, I recommend investing in the Cobra King driver, which can be bought from Amazon for a bargain, providing you with more stability on its downswing because of how its aerodynamic titanium shape glides through the air before impact. It may seem like a technical club to use, but ultimately, mid-range handicappers should see it as a performance improver, which is why I think it’s a great driver. 

Although beginners should probably avoid purchasing an expensive driver like the Cobra King Speed or their newer driver the, Cobra Radspeed, these drivers are tailored to higher handicap golfers or those already very experienced in the game and looking to improve their golf swing. For more advice on how much you should be spending on your driver per your abilities, check out my guide asking the question, are expensive drivers worth it?

Looking at Cobra’s Radspeed range, these clubs are an upgrade on the King Speed club range and include more technology and bells and whistles that are helping the tour pros hit the ball further. 

They are designed for low handicap golfers purely because of their price and performance-enhancing qualities. Still, if you’re a scratch golfer and are in the market for a top-of-the-range set of clubs, you should certainly arrange a fitting session to try the Cobra Radspeed drivers and hybrids, which can be bought on Amazon now for a steal.

With extreme front weighting, Radspeed’s drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids are balanced with cutting-edge weight displacement technology that forces the ball off the tee, delivering ultra-low spin and faster ball speeds. 

But what’s interesting about their fairway woods is that they come in various alterations that can help golfers looking to eliminate different problems from their swing. For example, if you want a more forgiving club, you should select the Radspeed Fairway, but if you want a more penetrating club, like the Radspeed Big Tour Fairway. Likewise, experienced players looking for more precision should use the Radspeed Tour Fairway, and for slice fighting power, golfers should use the Draw Fairway wood

Cobra’s ability to cater to the needs of various golfers makes it one of the best and versatile golf manufacturers in the world. However, before you decide which fairway wood to use, I advise you to schedule a club fitting session. For more information on how to do this and what to expect from a fitting session, look at my guide detailing how important club fitting sessions are.

In the past, compared to other brands, Cobra isn’t the most renowned for the irons or wedges the brand produces. So traditionally, Tour golfers would opt to use Callaway (click here for my ultimate Callaway guide), Titleist (click here for my ultimate Titleist guide), or TaylorMade clubs (click here for my ultimate TaylorMade guide).

But Cobra has come leaps and bounds with the quality of irons they’ve been producing, investing a ton of technology into their Tour quality irons; Cobra has made their King Forged Tec Irons and their King Tour Irons, which are designed to help professional golfers strike the ball further and with better precision.

Notably, these irons are very unforgiving, and I don’t recommend beginner golfers purchase a set as they are bladed irons. You will find it hard to lift the ball off the floor with these irons, and for more advice on the kinds of irons high-handicappers should be buying, aka cavity-backed irons, take a look at my article on the best irons for high-handicappers. 

One of the best things about Cobra is its commitment to helping mid-range handicap golfers improve. Although their Radspeed irons are a costly set of irons, they are the perfect club you can use to help improve your scores and push your handicap down to below ten, available for a great price on Amazon.

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These clubs feature radial weighting technology; they allow golfers to strike much more forgiving and fluid shots for golfers looking for a better connection on the golf ball. 

What’s excellent about Cobra is that although they cater to the needs of professional golfers playing on the PGA Tour, they also look further afield to provide amateur golfers and social golfers with performance-enhancing equipment to help them shoot lower rounds.

Which Is Better, Cobra Or Callaway? 

Callaway generally provides more equipment to a broader range of golfers compared to Cobra. Yet, Cobra’s excellence in golfing technology does mean that the brand produces some of the best drivers with new Radspeed technology, which might provide golfers like Bryson DeChambeau with greater distance. 

Callaway, like Cobra, is regarded as one of the five most popular golf equipment manufacturers in the world. However, Callaway is perhaps the better club for the average golfer, producing a much broader range of equipment than Cobra, which includes a more comprehensive range of clubs tailored to low and intermediate players. 

Yet, the debate gets more technical as we analyze which brand is best for the mid-range handicapper and the scratch golfer. The decision on which clubs you want to use comes down to personal preference. 

I can advise you which brand I think is better, but you may have a different swing to me, which may suit one brand more than the other. For that reason, you’ll need to trial both brands at a club fitting session and for more information on what to expect at a club fitting session, check out my ultimate guide to trialing your next set of clubs.  

Looking at the high end of the spectrum, Callaway’s Epic driver rivals the Radspeed 2021 driver as a club that provides players with long-distance and more incredible ball speed. Yet the Cobra Radspeed might outlast the Callaway regarding the stability and ball speed players can create through its internal weight distribution. 

Conversely, Callaway provides more driving options and hybrid options than Cobra does. For example, off the tee, mid-range golfers could also use the Callaway Mavrik driver available on Amazon or its fairway wood counterparts or the Big Bertha driver, both as an alternative set of clubs that can help take your game to the next level. 

Callaway does better than Cobra produces cutting-edge tour-quality irons, a range of performance-enhancing irons for mid-range handicappers, and irons for beginner golfers. Callaway’s Apex irons on Amazon rival Cobra’s King Tour Irons as the brand’s elite iron set, but they are perhaps a cut above Cobra’s with more Tour pros using these irons, including current world number one, Jon Rahm, PGA Championship winner, Phil Mickelson, and Open Championship winner, Collin Morikawa.  

Don’t get me wrong, Cobra’s King Tour Irons and forged irons are built for pinnacle performance. Still, the Callaway Apex irons are renowned for being some of the best yard gaining irons in the golfing world, and for more review on how these irons perform, read my ultimate guide to Callaway as a golfing brand.

Callaway also produces a broader range of irons that cater to golfers of all skill levels, which Cobra isn’t as well versed in. Making primarily performance-enhancing irons for mid-range handicappers, Cobra is more of an elite brand that can give experienced golfers more results. 

But the great thing about Callaway is how much it caters to golfers of lower standards than the pros. Looking towards beginners, Callaway produces complete club sets like their STRATA sets, which are a great purchase from Amazon if you’re just a social golfer who occasionally plays or is new to the game. 

Cobra, on the other hand, doesn’t produce a club setting like this. While they cater primarily to golfers who play off 18 and below, Callaway comes in again with another set of intermediate irons, the Callaway Mavrik Set on Amazon. These are a brilliant set of cavity-backed, forgiving irons for any 20+ handicapper available from Amazon and will help you start shooting much lower scores. 

Equipment-wise, Cobra, and Callaway produce some of the best golf bags on the market. Cobra is perhaps edging their opponents, making some of the lightest golf-carrying equipment on the market, including their ultra-light ultra-stylish 2020 Cart Bags that are available on Amazon for a steal today.

Although being the slightly bigger manufacturer, Callaway has also expanded their production lines into making golf balls. From creating the tour quality Callaway Super Soft golf ball on Amazon to their Super Hot Matte Golf Balls, Callaway produces some of the best balls in the golfing markets that rival the ever-expensive yet hugely lauded Titleist Pro V1. Learn how reasonable the Pro V1 is in my article.

One other great thing about Cobra is their arsenal of 3D-printed Putters. While Callaway doesn’t invest as heavily into producing putters, Cobra outclasses them on the technology they’re using to create a variety of bladed and high Moment of Inertia putters sold by Amazon used by a variety of players on the PGA Tour. 

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of which golf brand is better. Callaway is the bigger brand and produces more gear for a broader range of golfers. Still, Cobra rival Callaway on many aspects, including the performance-enhancing nature of their clubs, especially their exceptional drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. 

The decision for which brand you should use ultimately comes down to your needs as a golfer and which club you’re most comfortable swinging. That’s why my top piece of advice is to get down to your club shop and book a testing session with both Callaway and Cobra golf clubs. 

What Pros Use Cobra Golf Clubs? 

Rickie Fowler is perhaps Cobra’s most notable and most prominent patron over the last ten years. More recently, Bryson DeChambeau has shot up the rankings to golf stardom alongside LPGA player and LPGA Major champion Lexi Thompson. 

Best known for his orange Sunday attire and risk-reward golf style, Rickie Fowler has been winning on the PGA Tour since 2011 at the Korea Open. Being a Cobra brand ambassador, Fowler has won nine PGA Tour events, including the 2015 Players Championship, and has placed T2 in each of golf’s major championships, apart from the PGA Championship. 

He is perhaps the most popular and best-known ambassador for Cobra golf. He uses his brilliant golf style and charisma to promote the brand on the PGA Tour alongside big hitter and 2020 US Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau. 

Bryson has been catching the headlines lately for his incredible driving distances, and that has given Cobra a lot of publicity for the effectiveness of their King Speedzone and Radspeed drivers. If the most significant driver on the PGA tour is using these clubs, they might add more distance for you!

Meanwhile, on the LPGA Tour, Lexi Thompson, the youngest golfer (age 12) ever to qualify to play on the US Women’s Open, is perhaps one of Cobra’s most decorated athletes having 14 professional wins across the LPGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA of Japan, and LPGA Major Championships. 

Like DeChambeau, Cobra staffer Thompson is fully kitted out with a customized Cobra Radspeed driver; Cobra King Forged Tec Prototype irons help her get more distance and better connections on her shots. 

Despite having fewer staffers on their books than Titleist and Taylormade, Cobra can stand tall against their competitors, with the proof in the pudding looking at the sheer number of trophies and championships their staffers have won over the years. It’s no doubt Cobra is a brilliant golf brand who constantly evolves their golf technology to help golfers shoot lower rounds. 

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