Is Ping A Good Golf Brand? (7/50 Pros Use Them!)

With thousands of golfing brands and designers on the market, it can be hard for you or anyone to figure out which brand is best for them.  

Ping is one of the best golf brands on tour. Its clubs are specifically designed for any low handicappers, with ping clubs typically being made as forged iron clubs. Ping also makes some of the most durable bags and golf clothes you can find on the market. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing whether Ping is a good golfing brand that you should consider purchasing. From clubs to golf bags, raincoats to trousers, we’re giving you the run-down on some of the best equipment the Ping brand has to offer.

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Is Ping A Good Brand Of Golf Clubs? 

Ping is perhaps one of the best golf brands for low-range handicappers. Their clubs are built mostly for high-performance golfers while also helping players improve their game. Ping mostly build bladed and muscle-backed irons designed to help improve the connection a golfer gets on the shot.

Ping is one of the best and oldest golf brands that continue to break the mold when designing PGA Tour quality golf clubs. From drivers to sand wedges, Ping is constantly innovating to use their knowledge of the sport to help golfers gain more distance and get more spin on the clubs. 

From drivers to hybrids, irons to wedges, Ping’s current array of clubs are designed to help you get the best out of your golfing game. Their range of golfing irons features clubs for a variety of golfers looking to hit lower scores. The thing to note when buying Ping irons is that most of them are bladed irons, which are not suitable for junior or beginner golfers. 

As I discuss more in my guide on bladed irons, higher handicap golfers should avoid buying clubs that aren’t cavity-backed. They are a lot less forgiving and are harder to use, and while Ping does produce good some cavity-backed irons that are great for beginner golfers but generally beginners should avoid purchasing a set of Ping clubs as they can be hard to use but also very expensive please read my guide on how much a beginner should spend on golf clubs.

Ping sell a variety of different clubs from their i59 bladed solid impact irons to their most forgiving iron the G710. A faster Maraging steel face gives golfers greater flexibility on launching shots, hitting the ball harder, higher, and further.  

Ping clubs are also designed to reduce the moment of inertia golfers receive on their club. On the G710 club, there is a 5% higher moment of inertia that helps the club stay square through contact with the ball and hit the ball straighter and further. If you’re still wondering how to hit the ball straight and long, you might want to consider taking golf lessons.

As my guide on what to expect from golf lessons suggests that you should read you can get better at golf without lessons, but it’s best to learn from professional coaches how to strike firm and true through the golf ball to get a straight and accurate ball flight. 

Performance-wise, compared to other more traditional brands like Titleist, Ping generally provides more forgiving clubs for a better price compared to Titleist. Ping can also help give golfers more power and a better connection on the shot through their muscle back blades. The additional chunkiness of the clubhead gives the player more punch and rip the ball off the ground allowing you to tear the ball into the air at faster speeds. 

Titleist clubs are one of the most expensive on the market, and on average, will cost up to $100 more than the equivalent Ping set of clubs. Why? As discussed in my article on why Titleist clubs are so expensive, they are built to the standards of PGA Tour golfers, which means they include some of the best comprehensive technology available in golf. 

Ping is one of the most reputable brands in golf, with many Tour pros choosing to use these clubs. As with any golf brand, Ping designs clubs for various skill levels, starting with mid-range handicappers who want to improve their ball striking. Ultimately, if you want to hit the ball further and get a better connection on the shot, Ping clubs are the way forward. 

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What Is Ping Golf Known For?

Ping is best known for its outstanding putters but also produces a variety of tour-quality drivers and iron sets. Opening in 1959, Ping is recognized as one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers globally and produces a variety of bags and clothing. 

Ping was started by an electrical engineer named Karsten Solheim back in 1959. Back then, Solheim was distraught with the standard of many of the putters available at the time, so he took matters into his own hands and designed the historic ‘Ping 1A’ putter in his garage. The putter’s head was weighted at the heel and toe, which created a larger sweet spot in the middle of the clubface. 

Fast forward to today, and we can still see Ping incorporate designs in their golf clubs that give players greater forgiveness. The majority of Ping’s irons each have a broad club heel, allowing golfers to bounce the club off the turf, and that reduces the chance of you hitting the ball fat. For more information on how you can stop hitting the ball fat, look at my guide on how long it takes to learn to hit a golf ball, which provides my story on how I learned to play golf.

Ping’s putters are also built for forgiveness in mind and have a variety of mallet, blade, and high moment of inertia putters that can help you raise your game on the greens. Notably, their range of 2021 putters has a highly forgiving softer feel that provides constant predictability through their large club faces.

Ping golf is also well known for the clothes and golf equipment they produce. From fresh colors to winning styles, ping is responsible for creating some of the best golf bags in golf, including their iconic Series 4 Stand Bag. 

This is one of the most lightweight bags on the market but comes with multiple handles, multiple waterproof pockets, and a supportive back strap that can help to keep your posture in check over 18 holes of golf. It is one of the best and most reliable bags in golf, and you can purchase it now via Amazon!

Do Any Pro Golfers Use Ping? 

Many pro golfers across the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour use Ping as their go-to club and equipment supplier. Some of those golfers include: 

  • Victor Hovland
  • Brooke Henderson
  • Tyrrell Hatton
  • Jennifer Kupcho
  • Tony Finau
  • Ally Ewing
  • Bubba Watson

As Ping is one of golf’s most respected brands globally, hundreds of male and female golfers across golf’s professional tours use the golf brand to help them improve their game and hit low scores. 

One of the most recent triumphs that Ping has helped facilitate was Tony Finau’s win at the first FedEx Cup Playoff tournament, the Northern Trust. Finau is one of many high-profile golfers on the PGA tour who likes to use Ping clubs. Other names include Harris English, Victor Hovland, Tyrell Hatton, and Bubba Watson.

What’s in Tony Finau’s bag? Although Finau doesn’t wear Ping clothes, he is fully kitted-out with a complete set of Ping clubs that features a Ping G425 driver, G400 fairway woods, and a set of Ping Blueprint Irons, two glides forged wedges, and a Ping prototype stealth putter. 

Another golfer who is best known for representing the Ping brand is two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson. Notorious on the PGA tour for his pink driver, Bubba has long been an ambassador of the brand and, like Finau, he is fully kitted out with custom weighted Ping clubs but has also been seen in the past sporting some of the brand’s hats, polo shirts, and jumpers.

The great thing about this golf brand is its performance-enhancing qualities. Not often will you find a brand as reliable as Ping that will put as much time and effort into producing clubs that amateurs can use to get better while also helping the pros to win major championships.

When you’re buying your next set of golf clubs, be sure to test out a set of Ping irons to get an idea of their quality. 

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