Are Titleist Pro V1 Good For Beginners? Is It A Waste Of $

Titleist is one of the biggest and most respected brands in golf, and their Pro V1 golf ball is one of the most renowned balls in the game for how many wins they’ve produced on the PGA Tour. But is the Pro V1 a good golf ball for beginners?  

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is a great golf ball for beginners and high handicap golfers. Despite the Pro V1 being a high-performance golf ball, its softness, optimal flight trajectory, and spin capabilities allow all golfers to maximize their performance to score lower rounds and hit sweeter golf shots.

This guide will assess whether high handicap golfers should use the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. We’ll be taking a brief look at what makes up the Pro V1, why it’s golf’s most elite piece of equipment, and whether your skill sets mean you should be using this golf ball. Let’s start by looking at the mechanics of the Titleist Pro V1. 

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Should High Handicappers Use Titleist Pro V1?

In total high handicappers should use the Titleist Pro V1 if they are serious about saving shots off their round and can afford the premium price. Although for most beginners, you can find cheaper alternatives that can also help you improve your game while scoring low cards. 

The Pro V1 is an elite golf ball. Designed with the pros in mind, Titleist has created one of the best functioning golf balls used by several major champions across the PGA Tour. Justin Thomas, Jordan Speith, and Bubba Watson, to name a few, have all used Pro V1 golf balls to help them win illustrious tournaments like the PGA Championship and The Masters.

But why is the Pro V1 so good? Well, from its quality to its durability, the Pro V1 is perhaps the king of golf balls and allows its user to reach longer distances with a more consistent ball flight at a softer feel. Technically, the golf ball is made of a three-layer construction that allows for greater forgiveness when you strike through your shot. For that reason, buy your box of Pro V1’s hereon Amazon now.

The majority of other golf balls only have a two-layer construction, and that model makes the ball a lot harder and provides a lot less spin than the Titleist. For any golfer, that means the Pro V1 is an excellent golf ball to use to help you enhance your golf game.

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I go into more detail about what goes on inside your golf ball here in my post but as a beginner, it’s important to remember to try to use a soft golf ball to help you get a sweeter connection on your shots. 

Even for those starting, you might think going in at the high end of golf balls too soon might prevent you from hitting sweet shots. But actually, when it comes to less skilled players, using a higher-performing golfball is vastly more beneficial than a scruffy ball you found in the bushes on the seventh hole, and yes, you can keep golf balls you find on the course(my post) 

Although there is a big issue with the Pro V1, and that is its price. Being an elite golf ball, Titleist charges a premium for the Pro V1, with most boxes sitting at around $50 to $60, which is not worth the cost for most beginners. It’s a well-known fact of golf that every beginner loses many golf balls at the start of their journey. 

Unless you’re willing to pay a premium on Pro V1 golf balls, I advise you not to waste your money. You’re going to hit many golf balls in the trees, the water, and out of bounds as a high handicapper, and it’s wise to think about the price of the golf ball you’re buying compared to your golfing abilities. 

There is a sneaky workaround if you’re still keen to use Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. As I discuss in my guide, golfballs don’t float, which means your local course will likely sell boxes of recycled lake balls at a reduced price. 

Buying lake balls can allow you to save money while still playing with elite golf balls, but remember, these balls won’t be of the same quality as a brand new Pro V1 golf ball. Buy recycled Titleist Pro V1 lake balls here on Amazon.  

What Is The Best Golf Ball For A Beginner?

The Callaway ERC Soft is one of the best golf balls for beginners. Although a subjective choice for how each golfer plays, their swing speed, and ability to add spin on the ball, the ERC Soft golf ball is a cost-effective piece of equipment that helps beginner golfers add distance to their game. 

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer for the best golf ball for a beginner. That depends on personal preference, your ability, and your style of play. For example, if you like to bump and run a lot, you might want to go for a harder golf ball like the Taylormade Distance Plus, which you can buy here on Amazon. 

Perhaps you want to be like Phil Mickelson and flop bombs onto the green. Then you might want to go for a softer golf ball, like the Volvik VIMAX Soft Matte finish ball, which comes in some very cool colours. Check it out here on Amazon. 

Using coloured balls has many advantages from looking cool check out my guide on why golfers use coloured balls you’d be surprised on how it can improve your game!

But for an all-around golf ball that offers beginners enhanced distance, great spin, and a soft feel as you flush through your swing, I recommend the Callaway ERC. The ERC is Callaway’s intermediate golf ball. It can massively enhance a beginner’s performance at a much lower price of around $30, meaning you won’t start crying every time you hit a ball into the water. Pick up your Callaway ERC golf balls here on Amazon.

When buying your next golf ball, as a beginner, I’d avoid purchasing a brand new box of Pro V1’s simply because they are the best ball on the market. My top tip is to shop around more and find the ball that’s right for you across your whole game. Notably, the Callaway ERC’s exceptional performance from the tee and on the greens makes it a great ball that will compliment your entire game. 

A lot of people forget they need to play with a golf ball that feels right when not only when you’re driving but when you’re putting and chipping around the green. Putting is perhaps the most critical part of your game, so when trialing new golf balls, always hit a few drives, a few chips, and a lot more putts before you decide which ball to buy. 

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Save Your Money!

Unless it’s a box of Pro V1 lake balls, I advise you, as a high handicapper or beginner golfer, to save your money and opt to purchase a ball like the Callaway ERC Soft. Pro V1 golf balls are great for beginners, but their cost does not outweigh the benefits they can bring to your golfing game. 

Moreover, to maintain consistency and keep improving, players should only use one type of golf ball and not keep switching things up. You might not always feel it, but playing with different golf balls can inhibit you from improving, with each ball providing a different feel and outcome.

That’s why it’s essential to find a brand of golf ball you like, stick with it, and only change to higher performing golf balls as you improve yourself. ,

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