Is TaylorMade A Good Golf Brand? (a real personal opinion)

Illinois-based golf manufacturer TaylorMade was founded in 1979 it was originally owned and operated by sporting giant Adidas under the trading name Adidas Golf. The brand was taken over by a consortium of shareholders called KPS Capital Partners, who started diving deeper into the technology behind golf clubs and golf ball production.

TaylorMade is the second-biggest brand on the PGA tour and creates the number 1 driver in Golf the TaylorMade R1. TaylorMade is a golf brand that is respected worldwide that provides high-performance tournament-winning commitment. It has a huge presence in all forms of golf advertising.

In this article, I’m taking a deep dive into the golfing brand TaylorMade. I’ll be looking into why TaylorMade is one of the best brands in golf, how their clubs are tailored to help improve your golfing performance, and what sort of clubs they provide to assist beginners, tour pros, and coaches help players achieve maximum performance. 

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Are TaylorMade Good Golf Clubs 

TaylorMade provides some of the best golf clubs on the market and has helped various tour professionals win some of the biggest tournaments in golf. The brand primarily produces performance-enhancing equipment designed to help golfers across every level shoot lower rounds and strike through the ball better.  

Given the quality of player, who use TaylorMade on the PGA tour, it comes as no surprise that the brand makes some of the best golf clubs on the market, from drivers, all the way down to putters. … Importantly, as we mentioned above, TaylorMade covers just about every level of player in its current range

TaylorMade is one of the biggest golf equipment manufacturers on the market. The brand caters more towards high-performance golfers like those operating on professional golf tours. The brand boasts an illustrious group of alumni and representatives, including some of golf’s most decorated players, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Dusting Johnson. 

One of the great things about Taylormade is that they operate to enhance the performance of their golfers. But that means the majority of their equipment is targeted mostly towards mid-range to low-handicap golfers. 

I wouldn’t recommend a beginner golfer or high handicapper purchase a set of TaylorMade clubs. Despite these being perhaps the best golf bags on the market for ball control and finding distance, TaylorMade’s irons are built to a professional standard. That means they are expensive and require the player to be comfortable using bladed, less forgiving irons. 

For more information on why beginners should avoid using bladed irons, I recommend you read my article on the best irons for high handicappers, which will give you a better idea of the type of irons that are more suitable for beginner golfers. 

Although TaylorMade produces clubs for more experienced golfers, they don’t neglect junior and beginner players and provide sets for junior golfers looking to get into the game of golf. These sets offer great value for money, providing kids with an excellent starter pack to kick off their golfing careers. Coming with seven clubs, this set will easily get any youngster hooked on the game and allow them to play with various clubs ranging from a driver down to a sand wedge and a putter. 

For more experienced golfers who are looking to reduce their average scores over a round, there’s nothing better than picking up a performance-enhancing set of clubs from TaylorMade’s SIM club range and watching you immediately strike furthermore controlled shots. If you’re wondering what the club feels like, I advise you to book a club fitting session, and if you’re not sure what to expect from one of these sessions, you should check out my guide; how important is golf club fitting.

Perhaps the first club you should try is the TaylorMade SIM Max Driver on Amazon. Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson are two of the biggest ball strikers on the PGA Tour, and interestingly they both use TaylorMade SIM drivers. You might think this club comes in an odd shape, but it is an aerodynamic design built to help players push down through the shot to generate more club speed. 

As I discuss in my guide that I recommend you read on how to hit lower lofted drivers, the key to slogging big drives is generating lots of club speed through the ball to help you drive the ball into the air and get an upwards flight path on the ball. Combine that with the driver’s huge clubface and weight placed towards the heel, mid-range handicappers will find themselves striking longer distances with this driver. 

The SIM driver is perhaps too much of an investment for beginner golfers(see my post why), who will struggle to use this club around the course. But if you’ve been playing golf for some time, this driver is a great way to help you shoot lower rounds, and for that reason, I advise you to customize your club and purchase it today from Amazon while stocks last. 

Similarly, the TaylorMade SIM fairway woods and hybrids are perhaps too unforgiving for a beginner golfer. Still, they are a great tool to use if you’re an experienced golfer with a greater understanding of playing the ball from difficult lies around the course. 

The SIM woods and hybrids match the driver for their aerodynamic shape and allow golfers to get more speed as they sweep through the golf ball to help you cut through difficult lies and longer grass around the course.

Drawing on inspiration from some of their best golfers, TaylorMade has produced a club that includes a speed pocket that helps players push more air through the club and strike with more speed through the golf ball to improve their distances and ball flight. 

That is great for any golfer striking from the turf with these clubs, as if you hit your shot just a bit little fat, you’ll still feel the ball zip off the clubface, which in both instances is designed with a high moment of inertia to help you cleanly strike through the ball with a flat clubface. For more information on how clubs with a high moment of inertia can help improve your golfing game, I advise you to read my guide on why hitting a lower lofted driver is harder.

The technology that has been used to design these golf clubs have been developed by studying how the world’s best players, like Rory McIlroy and Collin Morikawa, hit shots with their clubs in the TaylorMade labs. Which makes TaylorMade clubs some of the best and most precisely balanced clubs on the market that can add an extra 20-yards onto your drives off the tee. 

Likewise, TaylorMade’s range of high-performance irons and wedges can provide golfers with some of the best quality precision clubs on the market. Again these clubs cater to mid-range to high-handicap golfers. The SIM Max irons are a muscle-backed heavy iron that is perhaps best for golfers looking to improve on their handicap from perhaps a 19 down to a 10. 

They mimic bladed irons in their shape and style, and for that reason, these clubs should be avoided by beginner golfers, but they are the perfect club for anyone looking to take the next step up in their golfing journey to a performance-enhancing club.

Like the TaylorMade hybrids, these clubs feature a speed pocket that helps players get more speed and whip through the golf ball and provides a bit of cushioning in the connection and vibration you feel when you strike through the shot. 

Plus, the club’s capped-back design provides similar forgiveness but more punch through the shot than a cavity-backed club might. You can pick up a set of these irons today for a bargain on Amazon, and they are perhaps a cheaper alternative to many of the clubs you might find in Titleist or Ping’s fitting rooms. For more information on whether you should look to use Ping or TaylorMade clubs, I advise you to read my guide on whether Ping golf clubs are right for you.

But if you’re a top-of-the-range golfer with a low handicap, you’re going to want to take a look at TaylorMade’s P700 irons that are available for a steal on Amazon now. These are perhaps the best performance golf clubs that are favored by the tour pros as the most precision approach clubs you can use in golf. 

TaylorMade ambassador Collin Morikawa uses the slightly newer yet similar P770 Irons and is currently the second-best player on the PGA Tour for shots gained in approach to the greens. These irons are very unforgiving but have a huge sweet spot that provides an unrivaled feel as you sweep through the shot. 

Lastly, Taylormade produces some of the best putters on the market and is most well known for the TaylorMade Spider putter used by Dustin Johnson during his 2020 Masters win. This is perhaps the most modern putter design on the market that uses a variety of modern metals that can help players get greater stability and feel as they strike through the ball on the green. 

This is a very hit or miss putter for pro golfers, as many think it has a metallic feel which can be undesirable for many of golf’s traditionalist golfers. Still, the stats don’t lie when it comes to an understanding how accurate you can be with this putter simply because of its much higher moment of inertia than mallet putters and blade putters. The strategically balanced weighting across its heel creates a high moment of inertia, allowing golfers like Collin Morikawa and Dustin Johnson to sink putts from over 10-yards consistently. 

If you’re wondering whether you should be using a high Moment of Inertia Putter, I advise you to read my guide on the different types of putter available on Amazon but also head over to a club fitting session which will allow you to try all the different types of putters, handle widths and shaft lengths available to you. 

TaylorMade provides golfers with some of the best golf clubs on the market. I must stress that these are all high-performance clubs tailored to mid-handicappers and high-handicappers and are not suitable for beginner golfers. If you’re looking for an alternative for beginner golfers, why not take a look at my article on why Tour Edge golf clubs are perhaps the most forgiving and easy-to-use clubs on the golf market

Why TaylorMade Is A Good Golf Brand 

Looking at the quality of the equipment TaylorMade produces as well as their pedigree on the professional golf tours, the brand is one of the best manufacturers in the world, producing equipment that is both durable but will also help golfers improve their scores.

From their irons to their putters, the technology and testing TaylorMade has done to produce their clubs is almost unparalleled in the golfing world. Allowing players to customize their clubs fully, alter the weight of club heads, and adapt shafts from their flexibility to their length to help golfers hit better golf shots, the technology the brand uses in their production methods is second to none. 

Titleist is perhaps the most popular brand on tour as explained in my article but they are rivaled by TaylorMade, who produce a similar standard quality set of clubs that can boast an accolade of major championships, PGA Tour wins, and LPGA Tour wins too. 

TaylorMade also provides some of the best-golfing clothing and bags on the market. Having previously been owned by Adidas, it’s no wonder that they are one of the most stylish brands in golf. 

Particularly if you’re in the market for a new golf bag, TaylorMade produces the best bags not just for style but also to help your posture and shoulders as you carry your bags around the course. Their 2021 5.0 ST Stand Bag on Amazon is a great purchase for any golfer looking to keep their clubs and golf equipment tidy as they work their way around the course. 

Although the brand can be slightly expensive, their clubs and equipment are all tested for their durability and longevity, and that means they are similar to the likes of Callaway and Dunlop in that when you purchase a TaylorMade bag, you can expect it to last for a long period. If you’re wondering what golf bag is best for your needs as a golfer, I recommend you read my guide here on how much you should pay for each golf bag.

But when it comes to helping golfers improve on performance, TaylorMade is by far one of the best golf brands to help you improve your score. The brand is the choice of Rory Mcilroy and the king of golf himself; Tiger Woods says everything you need to know about TaylorMade as a brand. 

But beginner golfers should be careful to avoid buying TaylorMade clubs. They are tailored more towards experienced golfers, who can use their high-performance qualities to hit much lower scores. But if you’re a mid-range handicapper, TaylorMade is a great brand you can use to help lower your scores, hit longer drives, and control the shape of your shots much better.   

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