Is Tour Edge A Good Golf Club Brand? (It’s one of the best)

There are hundreds of different types of golf clubs and golf brands available online. From Callaway to Cleveland, Taylormade to Tour Edge, golfers must make an informed choice when picking their next set of clubs, and that can be a hard thing to do. 

Tour Edge is one of the best golf brands globally, it consistently produces clubs that rank in the top 10 for each club category, the Hot Launch series is a popular, high-quality cost-effective lineup for new players. 129 players use Tour Edge clubs on the pro tour, providing 12 wins

In this article I will explain why Tour Edge is a good golf club, providing insight into what player demographic the company caters to and which pros use the brand.

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Why Tour Edge Is A Good Golf Brand

Although not the most well-known golf brand globally, Tour Edge is one of the best and most successful golf club manufacturers to have graced the PGA Tour. Promising a next-level feel and better power, the brand prides itself on its rich history of providing high-quality clubs and technology at affordable prices. 

The brand was founded by David Glod in 1986, a former golf pro at the Village Links Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with the desire to change the golfing consumer’s perception of what value they could get out of their clubs, he is now considered one of the world’s best club designers, with his brand being a top-ten manufacturer in the world. 

The thing that sets this brand apart from other club-makers is its value. Compared to Titleist or Taylormade, Tour Edge provides a similar quality golf club for a much-reduced price. Titleist is perhaps the most expensive golf club going, and as I discuss in my guide, their additional price is because of their traditionalist branding as a golf club manufacturer.

When it comes to buying Tour Edge Golf clubs, the brand is built for golfers of all abilities, with the Tour Edge Exotics series clubs being perhaps the most elite club the brand produces.

For example, the Exotic Driver available on Amazon for a bargain is one of the lightest drivers I have played with, but that does not mean it falls down on stability. In fact, it is one of the most stable and true clubs I have played with, offering an extremely high moment of inertia to hold your club square through impact. 

Likewise, the Exotic Series C721  irons are one of the most technologically advanced clubs on the PGA tour, featuring a hollow body design, giving better forgiveness and club weight, while also featuring new Vibracor technology that dampens shots and reduces vibrations up the shaft to improve your connection on the golf ball with your club, you can purchase yours now on Amazon for a steal

Tour Edge also caters to junior golfers, beginners, and those looking to get into the sport. Aside from their individual sale clubs, players can also purchase full club sets that include bags for male, female, senior, and junior golfers. You may think these sets may skimp on a lot of quality as other major golf brands do for their full sets, but these maintain their quality across the board and are tailored to help beginners get better at striking the golf ball. 

For example, the Tour Edge Junior HL – J club pack is the perfect starter pack for junior golfers looking to get into the sport. Coming in a variety of different heights for kids of all ages, these clubs are tailored to keep kids engaged and invested in a sport that can sometimes be hard to get into. That means these clubs, which are also available for a great price on Amazon and can be very forgiving and effective in helping young people get hooked on the game of golf. 

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What Pros Use Tour Edge Clubs 

129 players currently use Tour Edge Clubs across golf’s professional leagues. Here are seven of the most well-known golfers who use Tour Edge across the PGA and European Tours:

  • Bernhard Langer
  • Scott McCarron
  • Duffy Waldorf
  • Tim Petrovic
  • Tom Lehman
  • Ken Duke

Designed with performance in mind, Tour Edge is one of the most prestigious golfing brands on the market. With a vast network of golfing alumni who have used these clubs, the brand boasts an alumni of legendary golfing ambassadors, including two-time Masters champion Bernhard Langer. 

World Golf Hall of Famer, Langer, is renowned as one of the greatest players to grace the PGA and European Tours, and at 63, is still playing as an ambassador for Tour Edge. Langer primarily uses the Tour Edge Exotic range, and with those clubs has 41 PGA Tour Champions wins, 3 PGA Tour wins, and 42 European Tour wins.  

He’s joined by American professional golfer Scott McCarron. McCarron also plays with Exotic golf clubs because of their high moment of inertia and ability to help golfers control the spin on their shots better. Hitting straight shots and working the golf ball is a pretty difficult task, and if you’re still struggling to hit straight shots, I suggest checking my article on how to drive straight.  

But for McCarron, the Exotic golf clubs provide golfers with a much high moment of inertia that has helped him through his golfing career, keep his clubhead square through impact, and hit straighter shots. 

Former world No.1 Tom Lehman is perhaps one of the most decorated golfers on the senior tours and secured his name in the history books in 1996, winning his first and only major championship at The Open. And in Lehman style, the golfer only plays with no-nonsense golf clubs that give him results, and that’s why he plays with Tour Edge.


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