The Complete Guide To Beginner Golf

Golf is a tough game to get into. So many beginners quit before they can enjoy what the sport offers.

I don’t want this to happen to you, and this article will answer all beginner-related golf questions you might have.

Why You Can Only Drive 150 Yards and How To Drive Long

If you can’t drive over 150 yards, you lack technique in the golf setup, have a slow clubhead speed, and are not striking the ball in the middle of the clubhead.

Improving your swing via golf lessons or recording yourself and addressing the mistakes will have you clear 150 yards without a problem.

Hitting a golf ball far is a physics issue. The better your technique, the less power you need to hit the ball. The average player uses their arms to swing instead of their shoulders, so a good swing needs shoulder rotation in the backswing and the legs and hips in the downswing.

You likely swing too fast to blast the golf ball as hard as possible. If your arms move more quickly than your body’s rotation, it is difficult to be consistent. Instead, focus on the rotational swing of your torso. This technique makes it easier to hit those 200+ drives consistently.

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I only scratched the surface for a detailed look at how you can break 150-200 yards driving EVERY time. Please read my helpful article.

How Much Should a Beginner Spend on Golf Clubs?

A beginner should spend between $150-$200 (£110-180) on golf clubs. You can buy a complete set of irons, a putter, and three wood. Unfortunately, beginners often fall into spending too much money on top-of-the-range clubs.

Look no further than this for a complete set at an unbeatable price on Amazon.

Please don’t go all out and buy the best gear straight away. The above set is an excellent starter pack for any beginner as it comes with all the essentials clubs you need to play 18 holes plus some extras, including a driver and a 5-hybrid.

Buying a set of clubs saves the hassle of purchasing individual clubs on second-hand sites like eBay. In addition, most bundles like the Callaway set above will come with a golf bag, club head covers, and a towel you can attach to the bag.

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How To Organize a Golf Bag?

Organize your clubs in ascending order of loft and keep your golf balls and tees in easily accessible pockets. Easy access to your equipment helps you not hold up play so you can focus on your game.

Place your driver and hybrid woods at the top of the bag as they are the longest clubs, then your irons, and lastly, store your wedges and putter at the bottom of the bag.

Golf clubs don’t come cheap so do everything you can to protect them. If you carry your golf bag on your back, you will notice the clubheads bump and knock into each other. This issue causes a lot of damage to the clubheads.

Depending on how many dividers you have in your bag, you need to space your clubs equally to have enough distance to move around without hitting each other. Also, consider purchasing club head covers to protect your golf clubs.

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Thirsty for more? For a video showing how to store your clubs and the differences between storing clubs and everything else, you need to know you can read my guide.

Confused When To Upgrade From Beginner Clubs?

Do not upgrade from beginner clubs until you have an established swing, around a 15 handicap. Beginners’ swings will change. Even if you get fitted for golf clubs, you might think the fit was incorrect, but in reality, your swing changed.

If you are rich, you can upgrade anytime you want then it depends on how dedicated you are. Why spend $100 on a new set of clubs if they will be chilling in the garage?

If you practice every two weeks and only play once a week, you probably haven’t improved enough since you got your starter set.

Your money is FAR better spent on taking golf lessons. To have a qualified PGA professional take a look at your swing, please see my complete guide on golf lessons for more information. 

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Can Beginners Use Bladed Irons?

Bladed irons look cool, but beginners should not use them. They are thinner and have a lower sense of gravity than cavity-backed irons, with far less margin for error due to a smaller clubhead sweet spot.

A beginner will get frustrated easier with bladed as you lack an established swing. The modern cavity back irons are designed to be more forgiving, and the clubhead will twist less, giving more margin for error, making a bad hit straighter and further.

As a beginner, you will likely miss the sweet spot most of the time. A bladed iron makes the misses worse, making your shots less far and off-target than a cavity-backed iron.

However, blades force you to make good contact with the ball. Therefore, the crucial difference between a good and lousy golfer is that playing with blades causes good ball-striking as you can’t get away with not hitting the ball correctly.

It won’t be easy learning with bladed will be frustrating initially, but it forces you to face your issues and work on them. You get immediate feedback with every bad shot, which is a good way to learn and adjust your swing.

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The real answer is a lot more complicated to see the full picture, please read my helpful guide.

Are Titleist Pro V1 Good For Beginners?

Titleist Pro V1 is a great golf ball for beginners and high handicap golfers. Despite being a high-performance golf ball, its softness, optimal flight trajectory, and spin allow all golfers to maximize their performance to score lower rounds and hit sweeter golf shots.

Although there is a HUGE issue with the Pro V1s, which is the price, pros on the PGA tour use Pro V1, so Titleist charges a premium. Most boxes will cost you between $50-$60, which is not worth the cost for most beginners as it’s normal for beginners to lose many balls at the start of their golfing journey.

Unless you’re rich and don’t care about money, you’re better off buying a cheaper yet still good quality brand like Top-Flight for your golf balls.

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