How Much Should A Beginner Spend On Golf Clubs? Price Guide

Are you thinking about taking up golf? It can be a costly sport, so you’ll need to be smart with what type of clubs you’re purchasing. I will explain exactly how much a beginner should spend on golf clubs

In total Beginner, golfers should spend between $150-$200 ($110-£180) on golf clubs. For that price, you’ll be able to buy a complete set of irons, putter and a three wood.

Beginner golfers can often fall into the trap of spending too much money on top-of-the-range clubs. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through what clubs beginners should buy and whether they should also get fitted for golf clubs. 

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What Golf Clubs Should A Beginner Buy?

As a general rule Beginner golfers should pick up a basic set of clubs that includes a three wood, a 5-iron, a 6-iron, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, a pitching wedge and a putter. These are the basic golf clubs you’ll need to help you get through 18 holes. 

Golf clubs are expensive especially if you’re just starting out in golf, don’t go all in and buy all the top-range gear straight away focus first on purchasing a basic set of clubs to help you get around your local course, and don’t forget to buy a putter too! To see if Golfs the most expensive sport check out my article.

Sometimes it’s easier to purchase a set of golf clubs like the Callaway set mentioned above. This set is a great starter pack for any beginner golfer as it comes with all the essential golf clubs, plus a few extras, including a driver and a 5-hybrid, which are great additions for those golfers looking to get stuck into 18 holes straight away. 

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Buying a set of clubs can save the hassle of having to separately pick up a box of irons, a fairway wood, and a putter individually; it’s a cost-effective way to source your first set of clubs. Most pre-selected club sets will also include bonus equipment, including a golf bag, club head covers, and a towel you can attach to your bag. 

The cheapest way would be buying good quality used clubs on sites like eBay but remember sourcing clubs second hand takes time.

When it comes to the clubs themselves, particularly your irons, you’ll need to consider a couple of other factors like the nature of the clubhead, size of the clubface, and the flex of each club shaft. Typically as a beginner golfer, you need to avoid buying bladed or muscle-backed irons see my post to know why and try to purchase a cavity-backed set of irons

Blade irons are very expensive as they are built for professional and low handicap golfers who can consistently make a good connection with the golf ball. They are not suitable for beginner golfers, and those with little experience striking the ball will struggle to make good contact with these less forgiving clubheads. 

Cavity-backed irons are much easier to use in comparison. Typically because of their much wider heel, cavity-backed irons give players more bounce on the ground when they strike the golf ball. That means, if you hit a fat shot, you’re still likely to get a good connection with the golf ball and see it carry towards your target.  

But if you are looking to purchase your clubs separately, I’d recommend spending no more than $500 (£350) on the whole set of clubs. Especially for junior golfers, who are prone to growing out of their clubs very quickly, don’t buy high-end, expensive clubs as the cost is not worth the use you’ll get from them.

You’re far better off spending your money on golf lessons instead of expensive clubs that you can’t use properly learn why golf lessons are worth it in my article.

Should A Beginner Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

As a whole a beginner should get fitted for golf clubs it is highly beneficial to have a session with a club pro even if you never played before to find the correct clubs for your height and swing type which sets you up for golf success.

Club shaft length matters for all types of golfers learn how short clubs can be better in my post. You might think if you’re a beginner golfer, you can just play with any club size you have, while that’s true, you won’t play as well with a club that is not the right height for your size.

Too short? You’ll top the ball. Too long? You’ll hit the shot fat. As a general rule for all golfers, you should always get your new clubs fitted before buying them. You’re going to be paying a lot of money for these clubs, and you’ll have to play with them for at least a couple of years, so it’s wise to try them out first. 

It’s also not always about the club length. Pro shops will also look at the flex of the club shaft when you swing it; this is where your fitting session could get a little technical, as the club pro will try to assess how fast your swing speed is using their Trackman monitors. 

A fantastic way to get better no matter your skill level is investing in a golf simulator for your home you can play 24/7 no matter the weather see how to build one in my article.

If you have a relatively fast swing through the golf ball, the club pro might recommend a stiffer club shaft to help you power down through the shot. If you’ve got a slower swing, then they’ll provide you with a more flexible club shaft to help you get more whip and pace through the shot to lift the ball higher in the air

If you are struggling to hit the golf ball and wonder how long it takes to become consistent at ball striking see my article with my personal story.

You’ll be surprised at how much detail the club pro will go into when helping you find your first set of clubs. Aside from considering your physical attributes, they will cater to your technique and style of play to provide you with an optimal set of clubs that will help you fulfill your ambitions as a golfer. 

Make sure to bring the right gear with you if you are going for a club fitting session. Think of it as similar to a lesson with your golf coach; you don’t want to turn up without the correct kit! Check out my guide on the nine things you should never forget to bring when you go for a fitting session!

My top tip for any beginner golfer looking to buy their first set of clubs is to take their time and make sure you know what you’re buying is right for you. If you have high aspirations to play golf competitively, there’s no problem buying a slightly more accomplished set of golf clubs you can always sell them later for a good price on sites like eBay if you change your mind.

But for most beginners, who have never swung a club before and are just looking to play socially, it’s wise to be savvy with your money and invest in a basic set of clubs that will help you learn and develop your basic skills as a golfer. 

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