Male or Female Golf Clubs Which One Should You Use?

Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by both men and women, but many people can’t decide if they should go to a male or a female golf club.

A newer play might struggle to find the right club at the first try, which can be overwhelming, but here’s a breakdown of the differences between male and female golf clubs to help you make the best decision for your game. 

As a general rule, men should use men’s clubs and vice versa. Clubs are designed differently to account for the different lengths of men’s and women’s arms. Men’s clubs are generally longer than women’s clubs, in order to generate more power, but it also makes them difficult to control. 

If you are a beginner and still unsure about what golf clubs to buy,, do not worry.

Please keep reading to understand the fundamentals of how to choose tIhe best golf club.

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Should A Man Use A Women’s Golf Club?

A man should not use womens golf clubs, as women clubs are lighter with a higher loft angle. Men tend to have longer and more powerful swings, so it’s better to use a club designed for men, with a lower loft angle and heavier clubhead.

  • Women have slower swing speeds than men usually, so they may benefit from using a lighter club with a higher loft angle. 
  • Men tend to have longer and more powerful swings, so they may prefer a club with a lower loft angle and a heavier head. 

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, so ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment with different clubs until you find the best ones for your game. 

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Is There A Difference Between Male And Female Golf Clubs? 

Mens Golf clubs are stiffer making them more difficult to control, mens golf clubs are on average 1.5 inches longer than womens. Men’s clubheads are bigger than womens with a lower loft angle, and come with a bigger grip.

Some of these differences are listed below.

1- Flexibility of Shaft

Whats the difference in shaft flex? | Ladies v Regular v X-Stiff | American Golf

The shafts on male and female golf clubs are not the same. Generally, male golf clubs have shafts that are a little stiffer, making them more difficult to control. This is because women generally have a slower swing speed than men. 

The shaft of your club will determine the shot’s distance, accuracy, and trajectory. So you must know the basics. Your shot speed is the main thing to help you determine the club’s flexibility. There are three types of shafts used in golf clubs: 

  1. Regular shaft
  2. Stiff shaft
  3. Extra stiff 

For most people who are new and have a swing speed of a little over 90mph, they go towards a regular club. Stiff clubs are for ones with a swing speed of 100 to 110 mph, while the pro players who have a good muscle mass to hit the ball at greater than 110 mph prefer using extra stiff clubs. 

2 – Length Of Shaft

The shaft length of a male golfer’s club is about 1.5 inches greater than a women’s golf club. The golf clubs are made while keeping an average male height of 5 feet and 9 inches as a standard. So golfers with a height less than this may switch to a women’s golf club. While making the clubs for women, the standard kept in mind is 5 feet and 7 inches. 

Most women golfers prefer a shorter golf club shaft because it gives them more control over the club. This is especially important for novice golfers who are just starting to learn the game. Women tend to have a smaller build than men, so a shorter golf club shaft is better suited for their frame.

There are some exceptions; women golfers with a height greater than 5 feet 7 inches prefer to use a men’s golf club with a longer shaft. 

3 – Club Head

The clubhead provides the impact via the speed generated by the club’s shaft. The club heads in men’s golf clubs are smaller than those in women’s golf clubs. A larger clubhead is responsible for making up for women’s speed and is built differently. 

Usually, women have a slower swing speed, so a larger clubhead helps them have a greater loft and more power. Women’s clubs can provide more forgiveness for mis-hits. However, larger clubheads can be more difficult to control for some golfers. 

4 – Grip of Club

The grip on a women club is usually small and thin, made in accordance with their hands. Men generally have bigger hands, so they should have a grip that fits them best.

It is important to choose the right grip. A good grip will determine your accuracy largely. There is no one “right” size grip for everyone. Your grip size should be based on the size of your hands and the type of grip you use. 

Check out the table by differencesbetween to see more differences between male and female golf clubs. 

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