Is Golf Tec Worth It? (YES! Absolutely)

Golf Tec has locations in 6 countries and is the self-proclaimed ‘world leader in Golf improvement’, that focuses on the latest Golf technology. But is Golf Tec really worth it as it is more expensive than traditional lessons?

Golf Tec is worth it, they have excellent instructors and have a clear advantage over traditional lessons due to using the latest Golf technology, which uses feedback and data points to focus on very specific swing adjustments. But, it is expensive and the quality of the instructor matters a lot.

However, depending on your location the quality and price of the lessons can vary greatly. Stick around, and I will explain if Golf Tec is worth it and what is the price of Golf Tec. Read on to find out.

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Why GolfTEC Is Worth It

Your first lesson with Golf Tech is called the swing evaluation which will last between 60-90 minutes, where you meet your coach, discuss your game evaluate your swing, and put together a plan of attack for improvement.

Golf Tec is not super beginner-friendly, as it’s designed to work on an existing Golf swing, rather than helping you create one.

After swing evaluation, you will be strapped into Golf Tec advanced motion technology that includes motion measurement and video analysis that is difficult to get for the average Golfer, you will use this technology throughout your entire time with Golf Tec.

To learn more about the advanced Golf technology Golf Tec has on offer check out their website.

With the equipment on, you will hit a club depending on your area of weakness that you discussed in the swing evaluation, if your problem is the driver you will hit a driver.

After a few swing, you and your instructor will go through the video frame by frame-breaking down the areas that need improvement, if your like most Golfers the state of your ugly swing will make you sick and eager to fix it.

Your coach will explain the first change they need to make, and then you will begin working on the swing to keep cementing that change, as your lessons come to a close the instructor will take an after swing shot showcasing your improvement compared to the full swing and then you will discuss what the next steps would be regarding future lessons.

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Positives Of GolfTEC

GolfTEC Has Excellent Technology

The reason you have a GolfTEC lesson is the GolfTEC technology. Every GolfTEC bay has two cameras showing your swing face-on and down-the-line view.

Your entire lesson will be filmed , showing concrete proof if your making the changes you want or your stuck doing the wrong things, during the lessons your coach can draw lines on the video illustrating their points to give you guidance.

Their proprietary motion capture, similar to motion capture in video games and movies demonstrates how your body is moving during the swing, you will see numbers on the left side of your screen.

These numbers relate to motion capture and the colors show how your doing, green is good, okay is yellow, and doing bad is red, based on a composite of pro player swings.

They focus on the fundamentals of a good golf swing, by measuring turn, tilt, and bend of the hips and shoulder at address, top, impact, and finish.

Many but not all GolfTEC bays will have expensive foresight launch monitors , showing you not only your swing but how the ball would realistically react to your improvements.

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GolfTEC Offers Support Between Lessons

Every lesson will come with a take-home report that you can access online via the GolfTEC website that you can access anytime anywhere. Your coach will create this report during your lessons, where they will post helpful drills and thoughts before and after a swing comparison to help you remember the information to improve your game.

The report includes videos of your swing and even a lot of commentary from the lesson, you can download this to you computer so you can see how much you improved.

No matter where you go for Golf lessons make sure the lesson is recorded a Golf instructor can tell you all day what your problems are, but until you see them for yourself you won’t believe the instructor 100%

You also get a practice membership that allows you to use bays between lessons! This gives GolfTEC access to video, motion capture, and the launch monitor which will make follow up lessons more helpful due to more information of your swing.

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Why GolfTEC Is Not Worth It

GolfTEC Suffers From Bad Teachers

GolfTEC like every other learning institution will suffer from bad teachers, so before you commit to even one lesson make sure you find a coach you like, don’t assume they’re good because they work at GolfTEC or have PGA credentials.

See this Reddit comment about his experience with GolfTEC

It sounds obvious, but the instructor at whatever golftec is in your area matters a lot. I did a swing eval last year because I was getting back into golf after not playing much for several years. I didn’t end up doing a lesson plan. I don’t think my guy could have broken 80. Not that you have to be an incredible player to teach, but if I’m going to pay a bunch of money for lessons I don’t want to have the “I don’t think this guy has ever been a good golfer himself” thought in my head.

Also, coaches can get caught up in the numbers and the way things look, make sure they are focussing on real meaningful improvement instead of stats for the sake of it.

GolfTEC Coaches Have A High Turnover Rate

It’s important to gel with your coach, but Golf coaches have a high turnover right so you might start getting taught by someone you enjoy taking lessons with only to be transferred to someone less qualified or who you don’t like if they leave.

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GolfTEC Has Bad Corporate Policy

The general GolfTEC consensus is it has a business model that is designed to sign up people for as many prepaid lessons as possible, you will get the feel of going to a car showman rather than a family-run Golf business and being pressured into taking more lessons.

However, GolfTEC problems run even deeper. Here is a comment from a user talking about their wife’s experience with GolfTEC

My wife signed up for 40 lessons at a cost of over $2000 but used only ten lessons, then she had to have foot surgery and was unable to play for two to three yrs. when she went to the golf tech today the manager would not honor her contract at all and hand the temerity to insult us be saying she abandoned her lessons and corporate could not honor her purchase .

( they used typical corporate speak ) just a mouth piece for the CEO. They even refused to refund any fees and wanted to charge $600 dollars to re activate the original purchase. The manager is useless and I feel very insulted by his tone and total disregard for his clients. The better business office will also receive a formal complaint. I would never recommend this company to any one !!

The fact that GolfTEC will not honor your contract even if you pay upfront if you get injured leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I doubt you would be treated in this way from a less corporate Golf business or fri taking lessons from a certified PGA tour in your area.

How Much Does GolfTEC Cost?

The cost for lessons at GolfTEC varies depending on your location and the teacher your working with. But the first lessons called the Swing evaluation typically costs between $99-$150. After there are plans that range from five 30 minutes lessons to a year-long package of lessons and practice time.

GolfTEC is focussed on building long term relationships that are necessary for real improvement, but GolfTEC salesman corporate culture could lead you into purchasing a package that you don’t need, so be weary of being misled.

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Should You Spend Your Money on Golf?

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