Is Golfpass Worth It? (Why It Depends)

NBC Golfpass has exclusive golf content, golf instruction, golf travel tips, and savings on tee times with exclusive video content and much more. But is it worth the subscription?

Golfpass is not worth it if you don’t have any Golf Now courses in your area. The Golf Now promotions can only be used Mon-Thursday after 12/1 pm, and you need to pay $200/ annually to get booking fees waived. Golf pass has negative reviews and has a $3.49 fee for each Golfer booked excluding tax.

I would struggle to recommend Golfpass instead of, however, stick around and I will explain why it isn’t worth it, what you get with Golfpass if you can watch golf with Golfpass, and what is the difference between GolfNow and GolfPass.

Read on to find out.

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Why Golfpass Is Not Worth It

You May Not Have Golf Now Courses In Your Area

GolfNow might have over 19,000 golf course across the US, Canada UK Australia and other countries but that doesn’t mean there is one near you.

To see for yourself check out the Golf Now course directory here, the issue is you must be a GolfPass+ member to receive GolfNow credit for your green fees and the membership is $90 annually with a free 7-day trial.

The issue, if you need to play around 30-40 rounds of Golf to justify the waived fees even if you do have courses in your area, the free round of Golf is useless as it needs to be a Hot Deal (up to $21) and only can be used Monday-Thursday after 12pm/1pm and most course will not offer hot deals after noon.

Do you work 9-5? Most people do so can only play golf on the weekends or in the evenings after work, so your paying for waived fees that you won’t be able to use. It’s sneaky right?

You can use GolfNow to see what times are open in your area, then you can call the course and book it for free, cut at the middle man, and reap the rewards.

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4 Reasons Why Is Better Than GolfNow

1.TeeOff.Com Has No Convenience fees

Golf now has a convenience fee of $3.49 per each golfer booked plus tax depending on the state and/or country, has neither!

2.TeeOff Allows You To Cancel Bookings

You can ONLY cancel a GolfNow reservation if the course is closed, but with you can cancel with a 2$ fee for each player booked, not bad right?

3.You Can Only Use Promotions (Hot Deals) Monday-Thursday After 12 pm/1 pm

The issue is you look at the hot deals, you may see a lot of hot deals but only 4 are afternoon times, so the availability of promotions is a lot smaller than you think.

4.GolfNow Rewards Are Only For One Player

With their promos are usually in the form of percentage discounts that apple to the entire booking, everyone up to a foursome would get the discount rate which varies from 15% to £30$.

You could share your login on GolfNow with all your Golfing buddies but it’s against their terms of service and could get you banned

But if your a GolfPass member for $99 and then upgrade to GolfPass+ for $200 you can avoid some of the fees and get a more friendly cancellation policy.

Take a look at the available TeeOff course near you here.

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There Is No Live Golf Streaming On Golf Pass

You might think you could stream the PGA tour from the app but you would be mistaken, it does have archived rounds and more than 4000 on-demand instructions videos, including several from McIlroy and his coach, Michael Bannon, but is that worth $100-$200 a year?

I don’t think so, there are numerous free educational Golf videos from the likes of GolfWithAimee and Meandmygolf and many others that are free and don’t require a subscription service.

Many of the GolfPass users from this forum claim to not even use the videos on offer, there is a decent amount of content to watch all from seasoned PGA tour Pros like Rickie Fowler but mainly from Rory McIlroy but I struggle to see the true value as similar information is on YouTube for free.

If your curious you can get a new risk 7 day free trial from the service, which you can access here, the subscription does include a dozen TaylorMade balls and a free gift when membership starts so it’s not all bad.

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Can You Watch Live Golf On Golfpass?

GolfPass offers live coverage of select golf programming but events are not available in all countries for every event, there are archived rounds with more than 4,000 on-demand instruction videos, including several from McIlroy and his coach, Michael Bannon, will be available to subscribers.

Don’t get your hopes up to live Golf on Golfpass, you can see the terms and conditions in GolfPass FAQ.

While no live events will be broadcast on the GolfPass app, archived rounds and more than 4,000 on-demand instruction videos, including several from McIlroy and his coach, Michael Bannon, will be available to subscribers.

What Is The Difference Between GolfNow And Golfpass

GolfNow is an online booking service for tee times at golf courses, whilst GolfPass offers waived green fees and cancellation protection for GolfNow bookings nd $10 monthly tee time credits, with exclusive video, travel tips a dozen Taylor Made balls, and a free gift with a subscription.

This doesn’t mean GolfPass or GolfNow are worth it! Read the article for more informaton.

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How Much Should You Actually Spend on Golf?

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