How To Prevent Blisters From Golf (And Why They Happen)

No one likes getting blisters from Golf, they are a pain and can make swinging the Club an unpleasant experience. In this article, I will explain how to treat and prevent blisters so you can you can play Golf pain-free.

Don’t grip the Golf Club so tight, and use Golf gloves to reduce skin friction. For treatment use athletic tape, and wrap it around the blisters, for bandaids put the stick part across the blister to not cause friction, switch Golf grips to Winn Dritac which are softer on the hands.

A blister is caused by friction from the rubbing of the skin, so if your hands are soft and haven’t been used for manual labor or lifting weights you will get blisters from this friction.

Keep reading, and I will explain how to treat golf blisters, and how long do golf blisters last.

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How To Prevent Golf Blisters

Don’t Grip The Club Too Tight

The Golf grip is where a lot of Golfers go wrong, the pressure should be coming from the fleshy part of your palm, not the thumb. You should hold the Club as if your holding a small bird who’s trying to get away, not too hard not too soft from the driver down to the wedge.

If you’re holding the club too tight, not only is it causing more friction and damage to your hands, it is hurting your wrist’s ability to tilt and increases the amount of stress your non-dominant shoulder takes, and the increased tension reduces your clubhead speed.

If you find your shoulder hurting after playing Golf, you probably hold the club too tight.

Wear A Golf Glove

As blisters happen from friction caused by rubbing of the skin, if you wear a glove this puts a much needed layer of protection between the club and your senstive skin.

Stick to high-quality gloves like this TaylorMade glove from Amazon made of nylon and leather, or you could even wear two gloves to protect both hands from blisters. See my post here on the benefits and cons of wearing two gloves.

Use Finger Sleeves

Fingers sleeves, like this pair of JerkFit nubs from Amazon help to reduce friction by slipping on soft finger sleeves to prevent blisters and can be used as a pain-free bandage to cover existing blisters.

They will not affect your swing and are made of breathable material that absorbs your sweat to help you maintain a strong and comfortable grip, they can be worn underneath your Golf gloves or replace your gloves altogether.

They only affect your target areas, and have the advantage over golf tape as tape gets sticky and might come off mid-round leaving sticky goo on your hands and your clubs.

I think they are a great option for Golfers with blisters, why not try them out? They have good reviews on Amazon and are cheap for what you get, get them for a great price here.

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Switch To Winn Dri-Tac Grips

You might not realize it, but your grips have a big impact on the friction caused by your swing. You can see in this Reddit post many Golfers recommend Winn Dri-Tac grips as they are much softer and stick to your hands better than corded grips.

They accommodate a light grip better than Golf Pride grips, but they can wear out quicker than traditional grips and are a little more expensive.

Get a set of 9 Winn Dri-Tac grips for a bargain on Amazon, to know how often you should change your Golf grips and when to change them see my article.

Use Golf Tape To Wrap Around The Blisters

Athletic tape is a great option to reduce friction and allow you to play pain free. Simply wrap the athletic tape around the blisters to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

This won’t prevent blisters from happening like loosening your grip or wearing gloves or finger sleeves, but it’s a great option to keep playing without waiting for your blisters to heal.

A great tape is this 3 pack of athletic tape from Amazon, it’s the same idea for feet blisters, just wrap around the area with blisters to reduce friction.

Another option is Golf tape specifically designed for Golfers, which is made with an adhesive that doesn’t transfer over to your Clubs and is better for them. Take a look on Amazon.

Use A Bandaid

Using a bandaid is the classic way to reduce friction, but make sure you put the sticky part across the blister so it doesn’t cause more friction making the situation worse. You want to reduce the amount of skin friction not increase it!

Bandaids and athletic tape is combination with gloves are great ways to reduce blisters allowing you to Golf pain free.

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Use Blister Pain Relief Gels

These medical-grade gel squares are made from water so there is no pain when you tear them off, it is small so you can place the square where your blister is, it will not affect the flexibility of your fingers or your swing.

The only issue is they might not stay on your hands throughout your game, so wear them under gloves or medical tape. The Spenco skin squares from Amazon will offer you soothing protection from friction giving you comfort allowing your skin to heal.

Rub Vinegar On Your Skin

This tip comes from Guitar players, rub vinegar on parts of your hand where you get blisters once a day, it helps toughen up the skin causing it to develop into callouses instead of blisters which is far less painful.

For further tips on developing blisters not painful callouses see this article.

Strengthen Your Hands

If your hands are soft and not been involved in manual labor, naturally the stresses of swinging a Golf club will damage them.

Try to do more manual labor, whether lifting weights without weight lifting gloves or doing work around your house, this will strengthen your skin and reduce the likelihood of callouses forming.

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How Long Do Golf Blisters Last?

Golf blisters will heal on their own in a few days, if keep on putting pressure or friction to the affected area, it could take two weeks or longer for the blisters to deal. Hold the Club lighter, use athletic tape and wear a Glove to play Golf while the blisters heal.

Official source health at Havard.

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