Can You Recycle Golf Gloves? (Is There A Point?)

As Golfers, we go through countless Golf gloves whilst we play, it’s a shame for all that leather to go into the trash. Can you recycle Golf Gloves? In this article, you will find out.

When your Golf gloves become old, leave them in your bag and use them for playing in the rain and on the driving range. You can use old gloves in your workshop or repurpose them for coasters or iron covers.

When your gloves start getting holes and are filled with sweat, sadly you can only throw them out.

Keep reading, and I will explain how to recycle Golf gloves, how you can keep golf gloves from getting crusty, how long do Golf gloves last, and if you can machine wash Golf gloves.

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How To Recycle Golf Gloves

Use Old Golf Gloves To Play In The Rain

Golf gloves are typically made of leather, so leaving a few spare gloves in your bag when it rains, is a good way to repurpose them.

Rain can damage leather, it leaves water spots, fades the dye, and stretches the material so why damage your new Golf gloves in the rain when you can rotate 1-3 pairs from your Golf bag? This elongates the life of your new gloves, so you don’t have to buy a new pair after a few months.

Also, depending on the condition of your gloves you can have a couple old pairs handy for whenever a friend wants to come on the range or course with you, and they don’t have a pair of gloves.

If your gloves are stained with sweat and full of holes, you or your friends clearly shouldn’t be using them.

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Use Old Golf Gloves In Your Workshop

If your a handyman old Golf gloves can be used to handle rough cut lumber or metal, or cut your old leather gloves and use the leather pieces for crafting or sewing projects for your spouse.

They can be used to cover holes in jeans or jackets, or even be used for pieces in jewellery making, you just need to be creative.

Use Old Golf Gloves As A Coaster Or Iron Cover

The Reddit user Xaxziminrax found a genius way to reuse old gloves as a coaster, as the size of a palm is roughly the size of a bottom of a cup. It’s better than throwing away that good leather.

  1. Lay the glove down palm up, put a cup on the glove so it covers the hole
  2. Cut the velcro around the cup, the fingers are optional to cut

On the same thread the Reddit user Asunji24 suggests using gloves for an iron cover. Simply cut the fingers off the glove and the stich the holes closed, once that’s done you can slip it together and put velcro through it.

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How Do I Keep My Golf Glove From Getting Crusty?

Keep your glove as dry as possible, by letting the glove air by taking your glove off after each shot, the longer you wear it the more moisture builds. Handwash your glove after every few rounds, take an extra glove as you play, and rotate throughout a game.

If you take the necessary steps you can extend the lifetime of your gloves by a lot.

Just like with food, if you keep your gloves in a ziplock bag and press all the air out of the bag and stick the gloves in the freezer to cold kill the bacteria build up on the gloves.

Doing this will dramatically increase the longevity of your gloves, you should be able to use 3 gloves for an entire year. Buy a pair of FootJoy WeatherSof gloves for a bargain on Amazon and a Ziploc bag here.

Do you ever notice how pros take off their gloves after every shot? The longer you wear the gloves, the more sweat and bacteria build-up which not only makes your gloves last less but also makes them less effective as leather and sweat don’t give you the best grip.

You should be hand washing your gloves after every couple of rounds, to maximum lifespan and performance.

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How To Wash Golf Gloves

  1. Put your glove on and run it under hot water
  2. Use a stiff bristle brush and a drop of dish soap, scrap the glove whilst wearing it
  3. Let the glove air dry, do NOT machine dry as heat damages the leather
  4. After it’s dry keep the glove in a ziplock bag or in the original package and put it in the freezer to cold kill any excess bacteria.

Can You Machine Wash Golf Gloves?

Only machine wash when they are very dirty and machine washing can wear out the leather, only use a delicate cycle and secure any velcro before putting in the washer. Never use bleach when washing leather glove to avoid damage to the material.

As leather is delicate, you should always hand wash to avoid damaging the material.

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