Does Golf Club Quality Matter? (Is It A Scam?)

Golf equipment especially Golf Clubs are known to be very expensive, but does the Golf Clubs’ quality make a big difference to your game? Why spend thousands on clubs if it’s the player that makes the swing, not the club?

The quality of golf clubs does make a difference, but the change only increases with your skill level. A pro would not play as well with lower quality off-shelf Golf Clubs, but the difference between cheap good quality clubs and more expensive branded clubs for an amateur is not significant.

People mistake quality with expensive Clubs, if you cannot swing a Golf club getting a $500 Driver would make zero difference to your game, Golf is all about the player, not their equipment

I will explain how much a difference quality Golf Clubs make, and use videos to illustrate my point and if beginners should get fitted for Golf Clubs, read on to find out.

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Do Quality Golf Clubs Make A Difference?

The quality of Golf Clubs do make a difference, but quality does not have to be expensive. Buying a solid $450 Golf set, and then getting fitted for those clubs and spending the savings on lessons is far better than buying an expensive set you are not ready for.

The popular Golfing YouTuber Peter Finch played a game of Golf with a £70($90) Slazenger Golfing set, that included the bag in the above video, at the end he gave locals at the Golf course the sets Driver and asked them what they think it’s worth

Their answers ranged from £115($153) to £299($397.80) when in reality the Driver is worth around £10($13)! You can get a similar set for a bargain on Amazon here.

What does this tell you? Well, it’s simple Golf is all about technique, give any PGA player wooden vintage clubs from the 1920s and I guarantee they will play better than an amateur with a super-expensive top of line Golf set.

It doesn’t matter what Clubs you use, as long as you striking the ball well, at the beginner’s stage creating a solid consistent swing with good Golfing fundamentals like hitting the ball squarely in the Club face is what matters.

Put cheaper clubs in the hands of anyone half decent and I guarantee they can play Golf and shoot low numbers just fine.

Buying an affordable set fits a lot of beginner Golfers’ budget, and gets them happy playing and enjoying Golf in the first place, it’s far more important you get fitted for your Clubs than getting top of the range clubs.

For more information about how to get fitted, check out article.

A big reason why Golf is such an expensive sport is casual players constantly buy new clubs, similar to buying the newest iPhone as it’s easier to blame their terrible performance on their clubs rather than their own skill, to see the article click here.

If your struggling to drive 150 yards, what benefit would expensive clubs give you? Your money would so MUCH further if you bought an inexpensive yet quality Golf set like Slazenger and spent the rest on Golfing lessons. You would improve much much faster.

To know how to fix the mistakes your likely making stopping you from driving the ball far, please check out my post here.

Buying expensive Clubs could even do you harm! Around 25%-35% of PGA players including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy use blades, which are generally more expensive than cheaper cavity back clubs, see more info here.

Bladed Golf Clubs are far less forgiving than cavity backs, blades are like a bike without stabilizers and cavity backs are bikes with stabilisers.

If you’re teaching your child how to ride a bike, would the bike have stabilizers? It’s the exact same thing with Golf, beginners will buy expensive bladed irons, and wonder why the Golf ball is so hard to hit would discourage them from learning Golf and becoming good.

Beginners need to concentrate on learning the basic fundamental movements like body movement and positioning, and just focus on hitting the ball well and gaining confidence with ball striking.

As you improve as a Golfer and master the fundamentals, then the differences in shafts, grips, and Club quality make a difference. Give Tiger Woods a super budget Driver and he wouldn’t perform as well as if he had the top of the line equipment, but he’s a top of the line player which shows the difference.

Shafts do need to be replaced if they get worn out, find out how much you should pay to reshaft a Golf club in my post here.

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Should A Beginner Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Beginner Golfers will benefit from a Club fit as you develop a swing around the gear you use, using equipment that isn’t fit for your body type can cause problems with your swing, making Golf more frustrating and less enjoyable. recommends starting with a fitted sand wedge, pitching wedge, 7-iron and Driver gives you the proper tools to start learning the game of golf, then you can take the money you saved from buying quality second-hand equipment and spend it on lessons with an expert instructor.

Spending money on a Club fitting is far better value than splashing $1000-$2000 on expensive Golfing equipment, as you know your Clubs fit your own unique swing and body type.

Getting fitted by a quality instructor ensures you have the right equipment, giving you a more consistent swing and you will be able to make changes more easily.

No matter if you buy expensive or cheap Clubs, if they don’t fit you right the timing of your Swing will be consistent and as you train you will develop memory memory of a bad swing. If your fitted from the start, this stops the issues from occuring.

To get an idea of what a quality Club fitting look at the YouTube video above.

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How Does A Club Fitting Work?

A good Club fitting will not be cheap, you should search for a qualified instructor that uses the highest quality technology to analyse your swing, this will vary depending on what company you use.

The following factors of your Swing will be studied by the company Totally Driven during a Club fitting.

  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Club Path
  • Lie Angle
  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft stiffness
  • Staff Weight

However, there is no point getting your Clubs fitted if you don’t have a Golf swing as you need to hit practice shots before a fitter can decide to make changes to your Clubs.

After you played Golf for a few months and possess knowledge about your Swings and previous Clubs, then a Club fitter can work with you and suggest different shaft lengths, club sizes to suit your unique needs and use different brands to make ensure your Clubs are still affordable for you.

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