Can You Use Golf Gloves For Baseball?

Golf gloves and Baseball gloves are quite similar, and as Golfers we usually have a few spare gloves laying about in the house. Can you use one of these Golf gloves for baseball? In this article you will find out.

Golf gloves are made of a thinner lighter leather than Baseball gloves, so a Golf glove for Baseball will wear out quicker, needing to be replaced compared to a Baseball glove. However, as Golf gloves are designed to provide grip they can work as baseball gloves.

Whilst they serve the same purpose, a Baseball bat is a lot thicker than a Golf club so the Glove has to be thicker.

I will explain if you can use Football gloves for Baseball and if you can wear two Golf gloves. Read on to find out.

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Can You Use Football Gloves For Baseball?

Football gloves must have quality grip, good airflow, be comfortable have adequate padding and protection be made of good protection, and be built to last to be used for Baseball

Quality Grip

In both Baseball and Football having slippery hands that drop balls are the last thing you want, wide receiver gloves like these Seibertron ultra stick gloves from Amazon are designed to keep hold of long-distance passes so they will fine for Baseball.

Good Ventilation

Like in Golf Baseball and Football gloves need to have good ventilation to prevent sweat build up affecting your game.

Many Football gloves and vents and slits that let hot air come out whilst keeping the hand dry, if a Football glove has this it will be fine for Baseball.

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Gloves Should Be Comfortable

Like with Golf, in Baseball you need to feel comfortable, if a Football glove is too big there is a chance a ball can slip through your hands, any fitted Football glove will be fine for Baseball.

Gloves Must Have Good Padding And Protection

Most Football gloves will offer very little protection in the back of the hands, make sure the gloves your looking for have the right balance of padding and protection.

The more padding you have, the less flexible the gloves will be which is key for Baseball, get light Football gloves with a good amount of protection or go the same route and buy Baseball gloves like the Rawling Renegade.

Gloves Should Be Latex/Leather

Latex is know for its strength and stickability, so use Football gloves made with Latex or leather material. However, latex is not built to last and can slip during wet leather so use Latex gloves when it’s not raining, and leather gloves when it is.

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Your Glove Should last

Football gloves are designed to last, but be careful in buying cheap Football as these are made with cheaper material and will not help you as much in Baseball.

Hand sanitizerHand sanitizers, especially gel ones, will help in making football gloves sticky again. Hand sanitizers also help remove the layer of dirt stuck on your gloves. This alone helps make your gloves sticky again

Should You Wear Two Golf Gloves Or One?

Wearing two gloves protects both hands from blisters, and absorbs the sweat from the hands preventing the club from slipping due to sweat and cold wet weather. Although one glove makes it easier to grip the Golf club, and you lose the connection with having one bare hand on the club.

Why You Should Wear One Golf Glove

Wearing Two Gloves Reduces Fingertip Precision

If you wear two gloves picking tees from your bag or pocket, and placing baller markers or anything that requires finger tip precision like using a range finder app on your phone becomes more difficult.

Everything that’s more difficult with winter gloves, like texting or using your phone will become more difficult with two gloves on the Golf course.

Two Gloves Makes It Harder To Overlap Your Hands On The Club

The Golf grip is key to success on the course, naturally, we learn it without gloves so we can feel the finger pressure needed to properly hold the club and what grip feels comfortable.

Having two gloves depending on their thickness will make a natural Golf grip more awkward so you may have to relearn your grip and play around with how tightly you hold the club and what feels comfortable without having the added connection of your bare skin on the club.

You Might Lose Connection To Your Club

Golf is a game of feeling, we have three nerves in our hands so wearing two gloves could lose that connection many Golfers feel leaving their dominant hand bare to grip the club.

This is way a lot of pros will take of their gloves when putting, to get that added connection to the club.

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Why You Should Wear Two Golf Gloves

Two Gloves Prevent Damage To Your Hands

If you ever find yourself playing Golf and feel pain in the hand without a glove, please start wearing two gloves. this reduces blisters and helps you be comfortable meaning you can play longer pain-free and improve in the long run.

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Wear Two Gloves If You Have Sweaty hands

Sweaty hands and a firm solid Golf grip don’t mix, if you find yourself sweating especially if you walk a lot on the course gloves will absorb your sweat and allow your grip to remain strong and sturdy, giving you that confidence and consistency on the course.

If you find yourself losing grip of the Glove, this could be due to your sweaty hands, making wearing a pair of Gloves make sense.

Wear Two Gloves In Bad Weather Conditions

When the weather is bad, it is common for professionals to wear a second Glove, as ideally, you want both hands to have the same temperature. Imagine one hand is nice and snug in a winter glove, vs the other cold and wet exposed to the elements; which hand is better for Golf?

Wearing a second glove controls the temperature of both hands and keeps your swing consistent. If you ever golfed or done anything with one freezing or wet hand(or both) you will understand how unnecessarily difficult it can be.

Make sure to keep a spare glove in your Golf bag even if you prefer to Golf with one glove just in case the weather turns.

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Wear Two Gloves If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have a skin condition like eczema or get burnt easily, then wearing two golf gloves helps protect your hands and allows you to Golf pain-free.

Strong pain in the ungloved is a STRONG sign you should be covering that hand up, not just for Golf but to protect the hand in general. Also, if your hand hasn’t been used for physical activity naturally callouses will form which can be uncomfortable but your hand will get stronger over time.

It’s similar to lifting weights without gloves, will cause callous to your hands, instead of waiting for them to heal it’s better to wear gloves to feel protected.

You Can Be A Great Golfer Wearing Two Gloves

Tommy ‘Two Gloves’ Gainey a proffesional golfer on the PGA tour wears two gloves out of habit from his Baseball days, he tries to play with the traditional one glove, and even no gloves but he settled with his choice of two gloves.

He’s made $5,633,981 playing Golf, so if anyone tells you you cannot succeed with two gloves or it does damage to your game, remember if Tommy ‘Two Gloves’ Gainey succeeded at the highest level it won’t do any damage to your game.

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