The Complete Guide To Golf Grip Tape

Thinking about re-gripping your golf clubs? Having a good grip on your golf clubs can help you play better, but it can also help keep your hands well-protected. Having the wrong grip on your clubs can cost you around 3-4 shots on your round, so getting your grips right before you start playing is important. 

Golf grip tape is an essential part of any golf club. It’s important to remember if you replace your golf club grips to use double-sided grip tape that can wrap around the club and keep your club’s metal shaft well-tacked to the club.

In this complete guide to golf club grip tape, we’ll be looking into how and when to use golf club grip tape, what types are best to use, and myth-busting whether golf club grip tape is just double-sided sticky tape. We’ll also be answering the big question of how many layers of tape you need to put on your golf grip. 

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Can You Use Masking Tape For Golf Grips  

Golfers can use masking tape for their golf grips, but it is not recommended for best results. If you’re looking to ensure the longevity of your grips while also improving on performance, it’s best to use actual grip tape over masking tape. 

Masking tape is one of the greatest inventions in the world. It has many uses, from helping you paint your house to holding together broken objects. It is one of the most pliable objects globally, and believe it or not, you can use masking tape to help secure your golf grips on your club. 

Wrapping a layer of masking tape and glue around the top of your metal club shaft before securing your grip to the top of the club can help to pad out the grip around your club, which can help absorb shock coming up the shaft of the club, and give you a thicker feel around the club. That can help golfers hit sweeter shots and stop hitting the ball fat. 

But I would advise against using masking tape on your clubs. Golf clubs are an expensive toy; you might think to save money and use masking tape, but looking after the longevity of your clubs should be your number one priority. Masking tape wears out when you have your clubs in your bag which can turn to mush inside the grip over time which wy at the club and cause lots of rust. 

The problem then will be that your grip will start to slip and slide on the club, which can become dangerous and can stop you from hitting decent shots on the course. For that reason, masking tape is not good to use when securing your grip to your golf club.

I advise all players to get their clubs fitted professionally at a club fitting session you can read more about a club fitting session’s importance in my article during this time you can pay them a small fee to re-grip your clubs using the right tools and correct tape. 

What Can I Use Instead Of Golf Grip Tape?

Paint thinner mineral spirits or hairspray are cheap alternatives to grip solvent quickly dry. Like grip solvent, mineral spirits will lubricate double-sided tape, allowing you to work over the grip over the shaft, so it sticks tightly. Minerals spirits dry slower than solvent- around two to three hours.

Believe it or not, hairspray is considered one of the great alternatives if you have no golf grip tape available. When first sprayed onto the club, hairspray allows the grip to slide on easily, making what is usually a tricky and time-consuming process a lot easier. Over time, hairspray turns into an adhesive and secures the grip to the club, keeping both fastened together tightly. 

But I am skeptical of this approach, and I would advise any golfer to avoid spraying their clubs with hairspray, as this could seriously damage the top of your clubs and your grips. Golf grips aren’t expensive, see how you can re-grip them in my article yourself. but spraying hairspray on your club will damage and wear away on your club grips, which can again cause damage to your hands if the grips are worn or cause them to slide off the club. 

Is Golf Grip Tape Just Double-Sided Masking Tape? 

Golf grip tape is double-sided, but it is not the same as masking tape it is usually waterproof and more robust. You can buy it both in rolls and strips, golf grip tape provides a better adhesive glue to your metal club shaft than masking tape can. 

Golf grip tape blows masking tape out of the water when it comes to providing a safe and secure adhesive to your golf club. You can buy grip tape in different sizes and types. Usually, it comes 2 inches or 3/4 of an inch in width, comes either in strips or rolls, and is almost always double-sided. I advise you to buy a roll as these are easier to wrap around your club. 

While masking tape is a lot cheaper, golf grip tape is a lot more worthwhile, as it is much more secure and is also way more durable. Regripping golf clubs is tedious to have to complete continually, and I advise you for that reason to do it right the first time to ensure you don’t have to keep coming back to regripping your clubs over and over again. 

Plus, with masking tape, some of your grips can break and come apart, meaning you’ll have to replace either all grips, which is expensive, or buy another one. I advise you to keep all your grips the same in detail in my article, but when you have one that’s not the same as all the others, then you can seriously feel a big difference with that club, which can be disastrous for your game. 

Can You Put Golf Grips On Without Tape 

You can re-grip golf club using an air compressor, without using golf grip tap, it is easier and less time-consuming than using solvent or tape. Although without the grip tape, you will sacrifice some stack on the club as you continue to play with the grips.

This might seem a bit strange on its face, but using an air compressor has been a tried and tested means of applying a golf grip for some time, they aren’t expensive to get one for a bargain on Amazon here.

How To Grip A Golf Club Using A Air Compressor

  1. Strip the old grip from your club, clean all the tape and leftover adhesive on the metal shaft, and allow the club to dry for a few minutes
  2. Get your air compressor, vice, and golf grips, grab your first club, and slide the grip onto the metal shaft, covering the top of the club by an inch
  3. Set your club in the vice, ensuring it’s securely fastened in place
  4. Place the nozzle of the air compressor into the hole. of the grip, and gently blast a few doses of air into the hole, this helps push the grip down the club to your desired length.

Despite this seeming like a fairly convoluted and difficult process, the process takes a lot less time than you might think, and many pros on the PGA Tour will use this process when they go to club fitting sessions.

Can You Use Any Double Sided Tape To Regrip Golf Clubs  

Use either 3/4″ or 2″ double-sided grip tape to regrip golf clubs, but the results will vary depending on what type you use. Wrap in a spiral formation from the top of the shaft to the point where the bottom of the grip will be on the shaft, remove the tape backing and cover the end of the shaft with extra tape.

Golf grip tape is the best to use if you’re looking to ensure the longevity of your grips and clubs. However, if you’re short of cash, you can, in theory, use any double-sided tape for gripping your clubs. 

Masking tape, scotch tape, and even double-sided duct tape (if you can find it) are all viable options to maintain the tack between your golf club and your golf grip. One thing to bear in mind is the width and thickness of each piece of tape. 

Too thick, and you’ll struggle to lap the grip over the shaft, and it’s also always a good idea to leave some of the shaft bare of tape to ensure that you do always have a real connection with the golf club. That can help you improve your connection with the golf ball, and if you want to learn more about how long it takes to hit sweet shots, take a look at how at my article on how I learned how to get a better connection with the ball.

What Tape Can You Use For Golf Grips? 

Use double-sided tape coated in a good adhesive that provides adequate tack between your grip and the golf club. You can use any tape for golf grips but doubled side tape is always best.

From masking tape to double-sided duck tape, you can use any tape for your golf club grips. But it’s wise to remember tape that is not designed and tested for use on golf clubs can damage your clubs in the long run. 

The best tape to use for your clubs is golf grip-specific tape used by all the major club suppliers when fitting the Tour pro’s clubs. The GolfWorks Double-Sided Grip Tape that you can get on Amazon is the industry-standard tape for installing leather and synthetic grips onto your golf clubs. It is perfect for re-applying your grip and comes with an activated solvent that makes it one of the stickiest tapes on the market; do not look elsewhere for golf club grip tape. 

Can You Use Any Double Sided Tape To Regrip Golf Clubs

You can use any double-sided tape to regrip your golf clubs. But be warned none will give you as good results as specific double-sided golf grip tape. Double-sided golf grip tape is also made to protect your golf clubs and ensure the club’s grip is protected over time.  

Double-sided masking tape and double-sided duct tape can provide you with a much cheaper option to grip your clubs than the double-sided golf grip tape that you might find in your local American Golf. Still, neither will provide you with the assurance that proper golf grip tape can provide you over a season of golf. 

If you want to reach your peak playing performance with your clubs, you’ll want to ensure you’re using professional standard tape to grip your clubs. Ensure your grip doesn’t slip as you swing through your shot. Still, to also ensure you don’t damage your grips with the solvents that are on standard tapes, I highly recommend using specific golf grip tape to keep your clubs functioning for longer. 

A club fitting is essential to becoming the best golfer you can be, learn how important it is in my dedicated article.

How Many Layers Of Tape Do You Put On A Golf Grip? 

You will need at least one layer of grip tape to match the length of the grip, and one layer of tape that goes around but does not overlap the grip no matter how big the grip is. If you prefer a lighter swing weight, you should wrap the club more. Fewer wraps, and you’ll feel a heavier, harder connection when you strike the ball.

If you’re a beginner golfer or are having issues hitting the ball fat, you might want to consider wrapping more layers of tape around the club to help absorb more of the shock of hitting the ground before the ball. On the flip side, the more layers you put on, the harder it will be to put the grip on the club. Plus, golf grip tape is not cheap, and sometimes doubling up on your grip tape will cost you a lot of money.  

For beginners, you’ll learn as you take more lessons the importance of which I discuss in detail in my post you’ll learn the grip is one of the most fundamental parts of your swing finding the right grip thickness is key to helping you become a better golfer which sometimes means you might need to try multiple different layers of grip before you settle on one that feels right for you. 

For a thick club grip, you can wrap six layers of tape around the club shaft, and that will give you a much more supple and soft feel on the club. Three or four wraps will give you an intermediate feeling of the club, which is not too soft but not too hard. Lastly, if you want a heavier and more realistic feel on the shot, you should give the club one to two wraps of tape. 

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