Can Golf Grips Be Reused? (How-To Guide)

A good golf grip provides a nice firm grip for your hands to hold the club, it also affects the path the club takes going back and coming down. But can golf grips be used, and if so how do you change a golf grip without ruining it? In this article, you will find out.

Golf grips can be removed and reused if they are in good condition and you can remove them without damaging them. Cutting off an old, damaged, or worn-out golf grip is the easiest option, also you can use air compression or grip remover with a sprint-rod to replace your old golf grips.

I will explain the exact process to remove and reuse golf club grips with included video, and explain how you remove a golf grip without ruining it without using any expensive equipment!

Read on to know how to safely replace your grips.

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How To Remove And Replace Golf Club Grips

Firstly, I will explain easy ways on how to remove golf grips so you can pick the method that you like, then I will explain how to reuse the golf grips.

Safely Remove A Golf Grip Using Air Compression

Things You Need To Remove A Golf Grip With Air Compression

  1. Take a blunt syringe and load it up with grip solvent and inject the syringe into the butt end of the grip, or use the nozzle of the grip solvent
  2. Take an air compressor with a nozzle attachment and fire some short burst of air into the butt end of the grip and start twisting the grip
  3. Very slowly twist the grip all the way down and repeat the process to guide the solvent into the grip until it gives way first firing air into the grip

This method is the easiest method to remove golf grips, be careful not to damage the shaft during the process and be gentle with firing the air, too much air can tear the grip apart, making it unusable.

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How To Remove Golf Grip With Spring-Rod

Things You Need To Remove A Golf Grip With Spring-Rod

  1. Put the golf grip upside down into the tub and insert the grip remover inside the grip and pour a little solvent in
  2. Gradually turn the club inside your hand whilst pushing down on the grip remover, if it feels it’s getting stuck add a little more solvent the key is getting the solvent down to the very bottom of the grip
  3. Once the solvent is down the club, club the club in your vise and then twist the grip off and then dump out any excess solvent into the tub
  4. For excess solvent use a hacksaw blade to clear any excess

You need more tools with this method than using air compression, but it’s more straight forward and the tools are not expensive, one reused golf grip will pay for itself.

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How To Replace Golf Club Grips

What You Need To Replace Golf Club Grips

  1. Use a blade grip remover to remove the tape on the grip, or you can cut it with a razor blade, then use a razor blade to peel off the tape on the shaft
  2. Measure double-sided tape to the same length as your grip, then put the tape on the club with about 1/2 inch excess tape over the tape and roll the tape onto the club and press the tape to the club
  3. Find the bit of the tape that comes off(at the bottom) and peel it off and then push the top down
  4. Put the shaft into the large container, pour the solvent into your new golf grip and then shake the grip so the solvent spreads and then pour the solvent onto the shaft
  5. Hold the club square, and then put the new grip into the club and then adjust the grip so it lines up straight up and down, when finished tape the butt end of the grip onto the ground
  6. Use the towel to dry off the excess

Your golf grips should be changed every 6 months to a year 6 months if you play 3-4 times a week, and live in a hot and humid climate. Once a year if you only play once a week and live in a colder climate. If any grip looks worn it should be replaced.

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To see how you can can remove a golf grip without ANY equipment check the next subheading.

How Do You Remove A Golf Grip Without Ruining It?

What You Need To Remove A Golf Grip Without Ruining It

  1. Take your coat hanger and bend into place to the same size as a golf grip and work it into the top of the grip about an inch in the grip and workaround into the grip by spinning the shaft
  2. Separate the shaft and the grip using your fingers, and pour a little solvent into the grip and then keep spinning the grip and break the bond with your hands and continue down the shaft
  3. Once the coathanger is around 4/5’s down the grip, once you feel the grip bond has loosened add a few more drops of solvent in between the coat hanger and grip
  4. Place the grip into a vise and twist the grip off whilst leaving the coathanger in

If you get confused, see the above YouTube video for a step by step guide.

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