Should All Your Golf Grips Be The Same? (Why It’s Important)

Love playing Golf but not sure if all your golf grips should be the same size? It is a common question that a lot of people have, don’t worry as I will explain all the golf grip questions you want answered.

Golf grips aside from the putters grip should all have the same thickness as Golf consistency is the goal. Having large hands or fingers with thin grips will cause you to hit the ball left, if you have thick grips and small hands you will hit the ball right.

Having different grips across your clubs will change your swing drastically, I will explain the reasons why and how often you should change your clubs grips, and the differences between standard and midsize Golf grips.Read on to find out!

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Why Your Golf Grips Should Be The Same

Consistency is everything in Golf as you know, having the same golf grips improve the feel of your club and this gives real results in your game.

A decade old belief in golf that has been debunked says smaller grips increase ‘hand action’ and make the ball draw with larger grips decreasing ‘hand action’ and make the ball fade.

It has been debunked as hand action does not exist in golf as your hands do not move on the grip! Rather it’s talking about wrist action. The tighter you squeeze a grip the less relaxation of the forearms and the less fluid your wrist cock would be.

You ever get frustrated and start playing way worse? Likely you were squeezing the club way too hard, increasing the tension in your forearms that reduces how quick you can strike the ball!

You ever try to punch with a tight fist? You will notice the punch won’t be as fluid or powerful it’s the EXACT same thing when you squeeze the club too hard, this reduces the kinetic energy you can produce in your swing.

Want to be convinced? Just grab a club without the shaft and swing, and see how tightly your squeezing the end of the shaft.

If your grip is smaller your forearms need more tension to hold it so you feel ‘secure’ the larger the grip the less tension is required so you feel comfortable, the more relaxed your forearms are the higher the club head speed.

Standard sized grips are the same size as leather wrapped shafts a 100 years ago, but people are bigger on average than a century ago and so are their hands!

You should have the same grip for consistency but try a larger grip a try, the first time you hand it would feel strange, but I assure you keep on trying and your brain will adjust.

Your ball light will improve, with improved distance, your balls will go less in the trees and your swing will feel that much better!

Do Golf Grips Make A Difference?

Ultimately it’s key that your grip size fits nice and comfortable in your hands as not all hands are the same size and a few standard grip sizes may not work for you.

Check out this fantastic Golf Pride grip from Amazon that has all different size to fit whatever hand size you have.

You should measure your hand size to ensure the proper grip size to have a proper grip, to do so take the measurement from the crease of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger to get your hand size.

For woods and irons ensure you have the same grip to keep your fingers all in the right position, with putters the grips can be different depending on your approach to the game.

What Is The Difference Between Midsize And Standard Golf Grips?

Midsize grips are 1/16″ larger in diameter than standard and oversized is 1/8″ larger than standard. Grip Size is determined be hand size but players tend to have better feel and control using one size larger.

Ultimately feel is the most important, if you have smaller hands that getting a standard grip would feel right to you, if you have bigger hands Midsize grip will feel right for you.

If you feel standard is too small for you, just try out a bigger size as people hands come in all different shapes and sizes you could be surprised what feels comfortable for you.

How Often Should You Change Your Golf Grips?

Your golf grips should be changed every 6 months to a year 6 months if you play 3-4 times a week, whilst living in a hot and humid climate, once a year if you only play once a week and live in a colder climate. If any grip looks worn it should be replaced.

Take a look at your clubs grips, does one club look a lot more worn than the others? Likely, you have been using this club too much during practice, this isn’t a good sign as it shows you haven’t been practising effectively!

This does depend on the climate and how often you play Golf, a Texan in summer who plays Golf 3-4 times a week Clubs will get worn WAY quicker than a Scottish Golfer who plays Golf once a week as there is less humidity and bacteria in the air.

Why It’s Important To Change Golf Grips

We know how hard of a game Golf is, so if you ONLY take your favourite clubs to the driving range, like a wedge 7-iron and Driver this isn’t the best way to practice!

Always switch it up, net time bring your driver 9-iron and sand wedge to keep it fresh.

Why is this? Because Golf is super unpredictable and we never know what Club we have to take out of our Golf bag so practicing with every club keeps us ready for every possible situation on the Golf course.

This helps with the ware and tear of our Clubs, as obviously if you use your 9-iron every time at the driving range it will be worn out a lot quicker.

Worst still, when your golf grips get worn you have to grip tighter as your hands have less surface area to grab, this increases the tension in your elbows, wrists and shoulders and causes a lot of people to play with pain and eventually cause injuries.

Most common Golf injuries are back pain; elbow tendinitis; rotator cuff or shoulder pain; knee pain and wrist injuries causes be overuse of muscle but also having worn club heads!

Quick tricks to clean the club head are getting a key to rub down the club head and cleaning the club shaft to get rid of all the oil and sweat deposited after hours and hours of Golf.

Really replacing the club head is your best option, as we know Golf clubs can be very expensive so make sure you maintain them to get the best performance out of your Golfing equipment.

How Do I Know If I Need New Golf Grips

If you see significant wear on your golf grips or the grip is starting to slip off your hand on humid or rainy days, or there are cracks, shiny or slick spots or smooth or hand surfaces on the grip your Golf Grips should be replaced.

How To Replace Golf Grips

See MrShortGame Golf for a tutorial on how to re grip your Golf Clubs, you will need a utility knife, get a Fiskars pro folding utility knife for a bargain on Amazon here.

If you prefer a format with pictures, see a grip guide on how to replace grips on you entire set in less than 30 minutes here!

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