How to Fix a Golf Bag — The Complete Guide to All Your Golf Bag Questions

Golf bags have a lot of adjustments and easy fixes that most people don’t know about. You can easily fix common issues with golf bags, but most people have to buy a new bag unnecessarily since they don’t know how to fix them. For example, every golfer has experienced problems with their golf bags’ legs, straps, and zippers.

Read on to learn how to fix a golf bag in detail, so you don’t have to replace your bag every time something is wrong with it. With the help of these adjustments and fixes, you can extend your golf bag’s lifetime significantly and make it more convenient to use.

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How Do You Fix a Golf Bag?

You can fix a golf bag’s broken or worn-out leg stand by inserting a new leg, new pins, or replacing the legs entirely. If you’re having issues with the straps of the golf bag, buy and install a new set of straps. To fix the zipper on a golf bag, lubricate the teeth or install a new zipper.

There are several ways in which you can fix a golf bag yourself. You can restore your bag’s legs, straps, or zippers with a screwdriver or a drill. A broken or worn-out leg stand is two of the most common and annoying problems with golf bags. Read on to learn how to fix common golf bag problems at home.

You can fix the legs on your bag by inserting a new leg, new pins, or even by replacing the legs entirely. Another great hack that I found out myself when one of the pins connecting the legs to the frame fell off is to use a golf tee to replace that pin. It fits perfectly!

Another common issue in a golf bag is with its straps. Most of the time, the straps need to be replaced. You can do this by buying and installing new straps on your golf bag.

The zipper on a golf bag also gives us golfers some trouble, but again, this can be fixed by either lubricating the teeth or installing a new zipper altogether.

How Do You Attach a Stand to a Golf Bag?

Grab a screwdriver and use it to press against the two pins on both legs and pull them out. Now pop the legs out and insert and press the screwdriver into a hole in the bag’s base until the legs come out. Next, insert the bottom of the two legs first into the bag’s base and put the pins back into the legs.

The most common issue with a golf bag is the legs breaking or coming loose. You can attach a new stand to a golf bag with just a replacement leg stand and a screwdriver. 

Nothing is more annoying than the legs on your golf bag overextending or your golf bag falling over because one of the legs is broken. You can repair the legs yourself if the damage isn’t too severe. However, installing a new stand on your bag is better once the legs are damaged or worn out excessively.

  1. Removing the Pins of the Legs: You can attach a new stand to your golf bag using a replacement leg stand and a screwdriver. Take a screwdriver and put it up against the pins on the leg stand, and press it against the pins so that they are flush. Now pull the pins straight out from the other way. Do this for both the leg stands. Pop the legs out.
  2. Removing the base of the legs: Remove the bottom section of the legs from their base by inserting the screwdriver into a hole in the ground and pressing in until you hear the leg click. It will then come out.
  3. Attaching the base of the new leg stands: Put the new portions in by putting them through the loop in the bag. Make sure the little tongue-shaped thing on the leg stand is directed towards you. Put the leg in the bag’s base. Now put your hand in the bag’s internal pocket to adjust the bottom of the leg. Make sure that the tongue of the portion is snapped into the right place by feeling it with your other hand in the little hole. Press your other hand on the bag so that the leg is locked into the base of the pack.
  4. Attaching the remaining section of the new leg stands in place: Now that the base of the leg is in place, it’s time to put the opposite area of the leg in place. Put both the legs in their designated places on the bag and put the two pins in place, making sure that the black part of the pin is facing outward. Press both the pins with your thumb to lock them in place. You are now good to go!

Attaching a new stand on a golf bag takes some time, but it will make your golf bag last longer and work a lot better. You can try some of the smaller fixes that we will talk about in this article as well, but the truth is that attaching a replacement stand is a much better and permanent solution. The whole process takes less than 20 minutes and gets easier every time.

If you are planning on buying a new golf bag, read my article to find out how much a golf bag costs.

How Does a Golf Bag Stand Work?

A golf bag stand has a mechanism with retractable legs that spring out when the bag is set down. It sets the bag vertically at about a 45-degree angle, making it easier for golfers to access their clubs.

A golf bag stand makes it more convenient and faster for golfers to rest and pick up their bags. Knowing how it works can help you learn how to fix it faster.

Interestingly, they were first introduced in 1986 by the brand Sun Mountain. Before 1986, the stands were separate from the bags and had to be carried. 

The golf stands are now ultra-light and built inside the frame of the golf bag. They come with a spring mechanism that activates when the “trigger” on the bottom of the bag comes in contact with the ground. In addition, the legs come out diagonally, which places the bag upright at an angle. It makes it a lot faster for golfers to get a club out and put it back in the bag on their shoulders after hitting their shot.

Can You Add Legs to a Golf Bag?

It is possible to add legs to a golf bag by attaching a replacement stand. If your golf bag’s leg stands are broken or not working properly, you can easily replace the legs without discarding your golf bag. 

If you have an old golf bag or one that doesn’t have a leg stand, you can attach golf legs to a golf bag on your own. Having leg stands on your golf bag is very convenient when you unload your bag from the car or place it on the range to hit golf balls. Even if you own an electric cart, leg stands keep your golf bag from falling.

If the bag you’re using has never had legs before, you will need a drill to make holes to fit the leg attachment. It takes more work, but if you like the bag you have and want to add legs to it, you can do it.

Another option would be to buy an “old school” bag stand. This option is great if you like vintage gear. But make sure that your bag is an average-sized golf bag. Otherwise, the frame won’t give you the best support.

How to Tighten Golf Bag Legs?

In general, you can tighten the legs on your golf bag by increasing the tension in the band that holds the legs together. If your golf bag does not have a clip and only has a tension band tying the legs together, tap the band with a mallet to adjust the tension. 

Loose or “droopy” legs are one of the main problems golfers experience with their bags. No one likes to see the legs hanging and bouncing as you walk down the fairway.

A common sign that the legs on your golf bag need to be tightened is if they open up too wide when you set the load on the ground. Keep reading to find out how to fix both of these issues.

1. Legs Opening Too Wide

If your problem is that the legs of the golf bag are spreading out too wide when the bag is set down, you need to adjust the tension band. Unfortunately, some brands don’t have this clip and just come with the tension band that attaches the legs. In this case, you will have to tap it slightly with a mallet or even a spoon to adjust the tension.

You want to tap where the band and the leg meet so it can slide up and make the legs tighter. Next, tap it to come loose but not forcefully because it can break. After it comes off, move it down an inch or so and reattach it to the legs. Having someone help you hold the legs steady while you reattach the tension band will make things a lot easier.

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2. Legs Hanging Loosely

If your issue is the legs hanging too loosely when you carry the bag, then you can use a bungee cord or even a leg tether strap to tighten the legs. The video above uses a leg tether strap, but you can also use a regular belt or a bungee cord.

How Do I Adjust My Golf Bag?

Pull-on the strap adjusters to adjust your golf bag to make it tighter or looser. The straps on golf bags are adjustable and provide support when loose or tight. In addition, they are designed to fit people of different sizes, making it easy to find the correct setting for you. 

If your bag feels too heavy or loose when you carry it, you must adjust your golf bag straps. The straps on your golf bag work as pulleys, shortening the belt as you pull on it. The more you pull the strap, the tighter the fit will be around your shoulders.

The tighter the straps, the higher your golf bag will ride on your back. The looser the straps, the lower your bag will be on your back. For taller people, looser straps usually feel more comfortable. Tighter straps will make the bag feel snugger and lighter for shorter people.

It is also important to experiment with different levels of tightness since some people can experience shoulder or back pain if the straps are not adjusted properly. The best way to do it is to make the straps as loose as possible to walk around carrying the bag. Then, try different adjusted settings until you feel comfortable.

How Do You Fix a Golf Bag Strap?

You can fix a golf bag strap by adjusting them looser or tighter to fit on your back. The more secured the straps, the higher your golf bag will ride on your back. The looser the straps, the lower your bag will be on your back. If the straps are worn out, you will need to replace them.

The straps on your golf bag are key to providing support when you carry the bag. The bad news is that they get worn out as golfers load the bags with pounds and pounds of gear, putting immense pressure on these straps. The good news is that whether you are experiencing minor or major problems with the strap adjuster, there is hope to save your bag!

You can try adjusting the bag straps by experimenting with different levels of tightness until you find a fit. But if the straps are too damaged to be fixed or you don’t like how those fixes look, you should consider replacing the straps entirely. It’s a very simple process, and you will only need to buy the replacement straps.

Can I Pack Clothes in My Golf Bag?

In general, you can pack your clothes in a golf bag. Golf bags come with several pockets to fill all the gear necessary for a round of golf. One of these pockets is specifically labeled as an “apparel pocket” and is large enough to hold a couple of clothing items. 

Golf is the only sport in which each round is unique. One of the factors that make each round unique is the weather. Golfers have to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at them. Modern golf bags are designed to store plenty of gear. And with newer technology every year, golf bags get lighter and more spacious, allowing golfers to pack clothes for hot, cold, or rainy weather.

I recommended keeping a light rain jacket in your bag if it rains or gets cold. It won’t take too much space, and it can come in very handy when the weather changes suddenly, which tends to happen when playing golf.

It is also recommended to keep sun sleeves and a neck gaiter to protect your skin from the sun and keep yourself cool when it gets too hot.

If you tend to play in colder or more extreme weather or like to be able to pack more clothes/gear, I recommend getting a larger golf bag. There are several options like the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag or the Mizuno Mizuno BR-D4 Stand Bag. Both are very roomy but relatively light.

These bags can get heavy, so you might consider using a golf cart. Read my article to find out if it’s better to rent one every time you play or buy one.

How Do You Put a Towel on a Golf Bag?

There are three main ways to place a towel on your golf bag. You can either clip it on the side ring, wrap it around your golf clubs like a scarf, or put it across your clubs. The size and type of the towel and your personal preference will dictate the towel’s style. 

Correctly placing a towel on your golf bag is important for convenience and avoiding embarrassment by looking like a total beginner!

Here are the three main ways:

1. If your towel isn’t too big and has a harness or hoop, you should clip it on the side ring of your bag like in the image below.


2. If you have a larger towel, you should wrap it like a scarf around one of your clubs. Professional players usually do it this way, wrapping it around the putter or the driver. 

3. The third way involves a large or “caddie” towel. It is placing the towel just across your clubs. Some professional players use this method since it makes it easy to grab. However, be careful since this method is also the one that keeps the towel the least secure and prone to falling.

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If you have other questions about better organizing your golf bag, you can check out my article on how to organize your golf bag.

How to Patch a Golf Bag?

To patch a golf bag, clean the damaged area using high-octane isopropyl alcohol and let it dry. Now apply urethane glue to all the damaged areas in an even thin layer. Next, cut out a piece of taffeta fabric repair tape and paste it on the damaged site. Finally, seal the perimeter of the tape using glue.

Golf bags are made from sturdy and durable material but can get ripped or damaged over time. The good news is that you can patch it as long as the damage isn’t too substantial. In most cases, fixing a golf bag can be done using fabric repair tape, isopropyl alcohol, and urethane glue.

You can easily find these items at a gear shop or an online store. Club professionals also have a lot of tips and tricks to patch a golf bag, so consulting with one on your next lesson is also a great idea.

Read my article to decide if you are on the fence about getting a golf lesson.

Can You Repair the Zipper on a Golf Bag?

In most cases, you can repair the zipper on your golf bag by lubricating it or using a replacement zipper slider. Most of the zipper issues can be easily fixed by greasing them. But if your golf bag’s zipper is beyond repair, your only option would be to replace it.

A broken or problematic zipper can be very frustrating. But there are many ways to fix your zipper. For example, if your golf bag zipper is not sliding properly, you can fix it by lubricating the teeth of the zipper. There are many things you can oil your zipper with. But if it is beyond repair, you will need to replace the zipper altogether.

1. Using A Lip Balm

Rubbing some lip balm on the zipper and its teeth can provide the necessary grease to get it sliding again. Any lip balm should work.

2. Using Sunscreen

If the lip balm does not work, try adding a dime-sized drop of sunscreen. Since it is a little watery than the lip balm, it should slide deeper into the teeth and lubricate them better.

3. Using Cooking Oil

If the previous options do not work, you can use any cooking oil. Just a few drops are more than enough.

4. Replacing the Zipper 

If the zipper isn’t closing anymore or the head is broken, replacing the zipper slider is your best option.

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