How Much Does A Golf Bag Cost? My Own Research

Let’s face it; golf bags are an essential part of golf. How else are you going to carry 14 heavy golf clubs without a decent bag but how much are you expected to buy for a golf bag?

In total, a golf bag can cost anywhere between $30- $600 (£20-£500) depending on the type of golf bag(tour bags, cart bags, stand bags, pencil bags, waterproof bags) and the quality of the material.

Every golfer needs to have a good, sturdy golf bag. But how much should you pay for yours? In this guide, we’ll look at a few different golf bags and how much you should expect them to cost.

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How Much Does A Good Golf Bag Cost?

A lightweight, intermediate range golf stand bag will typically cost you around $150 (£100). Meanwhile, an intermediate golf cart bag will normally be slightly more expensive, at around $200 (£150). 

As golf equipment goes golf bags are perhaps the most cost-effective and most useful piece of kit you can buy sometimes it’s good to be a little savvy with the equipment you’re buying as golf is one of the most expensive sports (learn more in my article) but my advice differs when it comes to buying a good golf bag. 

You can’t put a price on a good bag that’s going to help to protect your back as you lug your heavy clubs around the course. Although I often advise beginner golfers not to break the bank on expensive clubs and clothes, I believe it’s worth spending a little extra on a bag that will support and cushion your back. 

There’s nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag of clubs around 18 holes on a hot day when your bag’s straps are digging into your shoulders. You’ll fatigue quickly, get a sore back, and will start to play your worst golf that’s never fun. 

When it comes to buying a golf bag, the cost is always relative to the quality of the kit you’re buying; more expensive bags will typically have better straps, more handles, and be made from lightweight materials. Plus, the cost will also depend on the type of bag you’re looking to purchase, whether that’s a cart bag or a stand bag. 

The cheapest type of golf bag is pencil bags mimicking the shape of a pencil; these bags are lightweight and much more affordable options compared to the cart or stand bag. That makes them great for beginner golfers, golfers who don’t use many clubs, or those who play the occasional round with their friends. Why buy a HUGE bag if you only have three clubs?

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I wrote about the rules of golf in detail in my article the rules state each player needs to have their own bag and set of clubs if you don’t play regularly but need to pick up a cheap golf bag to play in a society day, a pencil bag is perfect for you. 

Pencil bags can cost you anywhere between $30-$100 (£20-£70), and if you pick the correct one, they can last you just as long as a regular stand-up golf bag. Sunday Golf’s lightweight pitch and putt bag is a durable and affordable example of the types of pencil bags you can pick up on Amazon.

The bag itself has multiple pockets, a padded strap and weighs only 1.95 pounds! It is the perfect bag for those who don’t have a lot of equipment. 

But if you find yourself wanting to up your game from the pencil bag, then the stand bag is perhaps the next best bag for your needs. The stand golf bag is the most common club holder you’ll see out on the course, simply because they are lightweight and efficiently allow players to drop their clubs, play their shot, and instantly pick up their bag and start walking again. 

Stand bags can come in a variety of prices, depending on what you’re looking for. A basic level stand bag like the Taylormade 5.0 costs just under $120 (£85). With that, you’ll get a lightweight bag with a club rain cover, six generous pockets for your equipment, and a padded strap to protect your shoulders. This type of bag is perfect for high handicappers or beginner golfers.

Moving to the top of the range, the Titleist Hybrid 14 bag is one of the best and most expensive stand bags on the market.

Titleist is renowned for their excellence in designing and building golf gear, and the extensive player-driven research and technology that has gone into this bag is no different to see if Titleist are worth the premium price see the article I wrote.

The bag has an aerated padded strap to help keep you cool and supported when on the course and is also made of a lightweight fabric to help keep the load on your shoulders to a minimum.

The bag itself is all about efficiency and comfort and features additional lumbar padding to help support your back as you carry your clubs. And for those with a lot of clubs, the bag’s club holder features 14 separate slots you can use to organize your clubs on the course. 

Its design is akin to a cart bag, which is the highest quality model of golf bag you can buy. Typically used by PGA tour pros, cart bags are the heaviest bags on the market and will set you back anywhere between  $150-$400 (£100-£300). As their name suggests, cart bags are predominantly used in tandem with a golf trolley or a golf cart. 

Sun Mountain is one of the best producers of golf bags on the market, and their C-130 Cart Bag has more bells and whistles on it than any golfer can dream of. It features 13 pockets, including a cooler pocket for your drinks and mid-round snacks. It is made of reinforced fabric in potential wear areas, meaning the bag is durable, and that’s an important point to bear in mind considering its cost. 

For $260 (£180), the Sun Mountain bag will also provide users with a non-slip rubber footing, special cart and trolley fitting attachments, pen and scorecard holders, and two integrated lift-assist handles to help you place the bag onto the back of your golf cart. 

The problem with these bags is that they are heavy; it’s hard to carry them around the course. Carrying about a heavy bag gets tiring fast renting or a golf cart and putting your bags in the back is a fantastic option to know more about golf carts like if you can drive them in any weather please see my post.

Golf trolleys can be used for most cart carry bags and stand bags, and I’d advise you to shop around and try to find a second-hand or refurbished trolley if you don’t fancy carrying your clubs around 18 holes. 

If you’re looking to splash your cash and buy a top-of-the-range golf trolley, look no further than the Motocaddy Lightway trolley. This piece of kit will set you back around $249-399 but it is highly worth it if you struggle to lift, carry or push your cart around the course.  

When it comes to purchasing your next golf bag, my top tip is to buy a golf bag that is relative to the amount that you play golf. For example, if you play 18 holes every weekend, like to carry your bag on your shoulders, then it’s worth investing in a top-of-the-range stand bag made of lightweight artificial material.

For older golfers who like to play regularly but don’t want to carry their bag the whole way around the course, investing in a cart bag and a golf trolley may be more beneficial for you.  

Take a look at the very best golf bags in the market on Amazon and pick the one best for you.

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