How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Golf Clubs? (Better Than eBay?)

I have a set of clubs and am wondering what price pawn shops pay for Golf clubs. The Truth is the price varies depending on the brand and the quality of the Golf equipment, and where you live. It’s a lot easier to sell a set of clubs in Florida than in Alaska but I will answer all your questions.

A pawn shop will pay you between 20-40% of the Golf club’s used eBay value, which is anywhere between $200-$2000 depending on the Golf club’s brand and quality. Unless the pawnshop specializes in sports it could be hard selling used inexpensive clubs.

Unless you live in a place like Florida where Golf is very popular you are better off selling your Clubs on eBay, if you don’t know how to sell things on eBay check my video here.

I will explain the issues with selling your clubs at a pawn shop, and where is the best place to sell used Golf Clubs, read on to find out!

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How Much Will Pawn Shops Pay For Golf Clubs?

If you bought a Callaway diver for $400 and decided you want to sell it to a pawnshop immediately, it would be worth $200!

According to the pawnguru pawnbrokers first look at the brand to create a figure, if you’re selling big Golf brands like Callaway or Titleist you will get a lot more for your clubs, than selling cheaper brands like Wilson.

Condition is super important, if any of your pre-owned clubs have missing grips pawnbrokers will make a lower offer because they can be replaced, which they need to do themselves.

How often do you re-grip your Clubs? Find out how often you should change your Golf grips in my article here.

But if your clubhead is loose or has major chips, rusts, or dents on the clubface or shaft, you will struggle to pawn it because the cost of replacement will be high unless it’s a particularly expensive club.

Do you know how much it costs to reshaft a Club, how about doing it if it’s doing it yourself? See my post here to answer both questions.

Before selling your clubs make sure to clean the clubs thoroughly to get them shining again, see this YouTube video here for cleaning tips.

I will explain the issues with selling to a pawn shop.

Problems With Selling Golf Clubs To Pawn Shops

Pawnnerd, in the above YouTube video, explains how, unlike jewelry, which is a pawnshop stable, Golf clubs are a lot more awkward to buy.

Jewelry is lightweight and easily can be melted down and sold; Golf Clubs are very awkward to package and require special long Golf packaging to transport safely, so a pawnshop owner, unless they have high walk-in sales traffic, would be reluctant to buy used Clubs due to packaging costs.

Unless you live in a place like Florida, where golf is super popular or pawnshops specialize in sports equipment, you will be hard-pressed to sell your clubs. Living in a rural place like Idaho, I don’t see a pawn shop taking Golf clubs unless they are worth a lot.

To save your time Google pawn shops near me and call them, why waste precious money on gas when you can find out then and there on the phone if they will take the clubs?

Inform the store that your clubs are expensive compared to a common set available on eBay for a lower price so that pawnshops will consider buying them, especially if you purchased them new for $1000-$1500.

A quick google search by the pawn show should tell them how valuable your cubs are.

Lastly selling a Golf set with a bag will make your set more valuable, Women’s clubs will be worth a lot less naturally, as the market is a lot smaller and fewer people are willing to buy Women’s clubs.

As pawnshops will pay you 20-40% of clubs used eBay rate, why not cut the middle man out and sell them yourself?

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Where Is The Best Place To Sell Used Golf Clubs?

I highly recommend selling your used Clubs yourself on sites like eBay or Facebook marketplace, itself has 453,556 Clubs to sell at the time I checked!

I will explain exactly what you need to do to sell your Clubs, if you want to buy and then Clubs you will get the most money for putters because they are the smallest clubs yet still hold a lot of value.

How To Sell Used Golf Clubs On eBay

  1. Take photos of your clubs during the day lying down at the putting green or Golf course to make them stand out; take various photos that clearly show the condition of the Clubs
  2. On eBay or another site, create a listing for your clubs, and have the title be the exact specifications of the clubs
  3. Upload all the photos you took, use the maximum of 12 photos
  4. Start an auction at around 60% of what your Golf Club goes for on eBay

Selling clubs on eBay is a straightforward process, if you get confused watch the SASGOLF video above, for tips on how to sell on eBay check out my video here, it is about Gaming but everything still relates to Golf Clubs the only change is I recommend taking photos at your Golf course.

To package your Golf clubs watch the video below or purchase a cardboard Golf box from Amazon here or better still make your own

How To Package Golf Clubs

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