Can You Drink While Playing Golf? Can Courses Ban You

For most sports, it would be obscene to drink alcohol while you play. But for many golfers, having a quick drink before, during, or after your round is a sport staple. 

As a general rule most golf courses will allow you to drink alcohol while you play your round. It is always advisable to check club rules before bringing alcohol into the clubhouse or onto the course. 

In this guide, we’ll be discussing whether it’s acceptable to drink alcohol while you’re playing a round of golf, as well as whether it will help you perform better or worse over 18 holes. We’ll also be showing you how to pack beers in a golf bag to keep them nice and cool during your round. 

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Can You Drink Beer While Playing Golf?

You can drink beer and play golf, although you must check the course rules before playing. It’s advisable not to drink beer if you’re looking to score low cards, playing with other members you do not know, or if you’re playing in a competition. 

It is commonly acceptable to drink beer while you play golf across most golf courses around the world. Bringing a hip flask of liquor(get one on Amazon) is a traditional part of the game too, but golfers should always respect the course rules and other golfers on the course to maintain the club etiquette wherever you’re playing. 

For many golfers, having a beer while you play your round can work to help loosen you up and help you relax into your swing. There’s nothing worse than being tense and rigid on a golf course, so having a beer while you play can sometimes improve your game. For other golfers, drinking can hinder their performance, with the effects of alcohol inhibiting you from dialing in your swing distances and being accurate with your shots onto the greens.

Many golf society days will also allow you, even encourage you to have a beer while you go about your round. Some courses even have bar staff driving around the course in buggy’s serving alcohol and, on special occasions, cocktails, which golfers can purchase and enjoy during their game. 

It’s important to remember that if you have a few beers while playing, you must maintain the pace of play, adhere to the club rules and common etiquette of golf, and don’t leave litter on the course.

As a golfer, your number one responsibility is to respect other players and the course, so drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. For more information on the rules and etiquette associated with golf, check my rules guide here.

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Do Golf Courses Care If You Bring Your Own Beer?

In total many golf courses will not mind if you bring your beer onto the course, but it is important to check the club rules before playing. You will often find the clubhouse selling cans or bottles of beer you can take with you on your round. 

There can often be a blurred line for golf courses about bringing your beer into the club. As a general principle, many other sports events, clubs, and tournaments won’t allow you to bring your alcohol into their premises. But for many golf courses across the US and Europe, golf courses often won’t mind if you bring beer for the round. 

Many courses encourage it as it means you’re more likely to stay and purchase another beer in the clubhouse after you’ve finished your round! You might find a few snooty members turning their nose up at you for having a drink during your round, but so long as you’re within the rules of the club, playing at a good pace, and are respecting the course, most courses will not care if you bring beer. 

The rules will differ for higher quality golf courses, like Pebble Beach, St Andrews, and Sawgrass, for example. If you’re playing a PGA-recognized course, I’d advise not bringing alcohol onto the course as these are professional, high-quality golf courses. Save the beers till the nineteenth hole on these courses. 

You’ll also find many courses selling beer at the 9th hole sandwich hut, and the course operators will often encourage you to take your beer with you after you’ve purchased it to ensure you’re keeping up with the pace of play. As said above, beer can sometimes improve your game, but you can’t always rely on alcohol to help you become a better golfer, so here are 11 ways to change your technique to help you score lower rounds. 

How Do You Pack Beer In A Golf Bag?

As a general rule pack beers into a flexible cool bag to keep them cool and fresh to prevent beers from becoming hot.

Enjoying a crisp cold beer during a hot round of golf with your friends is one of the finer things in life. But ensuring your beers stay cool for 18 holes while you carry them in your bag is almost, if not more important than scoring a low card! For that reason, it’s advisable to invest in a cool bag you can fill with ice and then slot into your golf bag. Check out this lightweight and efficient CaddySwag Golf Beer Cooler on Amazon.

No one likes to lug a heavy golf bag around 18, and if you thought your clubs were heavy enough, you wouldn’t want to add a heavy six-pack of beers to the mix! When bringing beers on the course, my top tip is always to bring a trolley to cart your beer-laden golf bag around. That way, you’ll save yourself a lot of energy, prevent yourself from straining your back, but you can also attach these neat bottle holders from Amazon to your cart to carry your drinks with you while you play.

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The 19th Hole

While most courses will allow you to drink beer while you’re playing golf, it’s always best to check the local club rules on bringing alcohol onto the course before doing so. That being said, golf courses will always have a bar on the 19th hole where you can enjoy a couple of well-earned beers after your round.

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