Wondering How Many Golf Lessons A Beginner Needs? Read This

Are you new to golf and wondering if you should have golf lessons before heading to the golf course? Game is a difficult game to learn, and you don’t want to develop bad habits that are difficult to correct, good lessons with an instructor will solve this problem. This article will answer all the questions you have.

New golfers need to have five golf lessons when taking up golf. Learning the fundamentals of golf is crucial. The correct technique must be learned for gripping the club, swing fundamentals, shot set up, long game, short game, and putting if a beginner golfer is serious about improving their game. 

Golf lessons are a great way to help a beginner gain confidence and get an understanding of the game. You will learn to develop good habits and techniques while lowering your handicap, it is crucial you learn all these things correctly when you’re a golf beginner.

In this article, I have explained why a beginner needs golf lessons. Read on to find out how they can help your game. 

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Why A Beginner Needs Five Golf Lessons

As a beginner golfer, you need to learn the fundamentals. The easiest time to create good habits and techniques is when you begin. It can be a lot harder and very expensive if you need to change your swing or fundamentals later on in your golfing journey. 

Covering these five areas in your lessons will give you a great start in your golf career:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Swing
  3. Long Game
  4. Chipping
  5. Putting

Your first two lessons should focus on fundamentals. Firstly creating a good technique around grip, stance, ball position, posture and address. This should lead into a second lesson on your swing, Swing plane, take away, downswing and transition. Lesson three should be all about the long game, lesson four on chipping and lesson five putting.

The earlier you start playing golf the better, it is more difficult to pick up later in life.

 Are your kids interested in golf, have a read of my article to see what age they should start getting lessons. 

Why A Beginner Should Have Golf Lessons 

Beginner golfers have not yet developed bad habits in their game so a good teacher will be able to improve and mold a beginner into having excellent golfing fundamentals, easier than someone playing golf for a while with bad habits.

Beginner golfers can see significant improvement over the course of their lessons and as a result it can be a very enjoyable experience for them. 

Golf lessons are the best way for a beginner to improve their game. It will help you understand more about your swing and clubs and will lead to significant improvement on the course. 

As well as golf lessons or as an alternative, a great way to make improvements in your game is to watch golf instruction videos online. This is a great way to learn new hints and tips that will help you lower your score on the golf course. Me and my golf is my favourite and has helped me improve my game.

I would encourage you to watch videos online to pick up tips but nothing beats having a professional watch you swing a club and help you decide what needs improving.

Still undecided if lessons are for you or if you want to have a go at developing your own game? My article compares Golf Lessons V Self Taught to help you decide which is for you. 

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Golf Lessons?

In between golf lessons you need to practice. Structured practice with a focus and a clear goal will help you consolidate what you have developed from your lesson Leave a period of time, a week to ten days between lessons to give yourself time to take on board your new techniques.

You have to make a plan and set aside a significant amount of time to practice what you have learned in your lesson. Go to the driving range with a plan in place, and don’t over do it. Quality over quantity is key. 

Try not to just stick to the driving range or a simulator. Take your new skills out to the course and practice there. A routine I found great when I started golf and still use as a single figure handicap golfer is to go to your golf course at a quiet time if you have access to one and play by yourself. Play two or three balls on each hole and put your lessons into practice. The range can often give you a false sense of where your game is at. 

Although the driving range is still a fantastic way to practice, to see how to maximise your time on the range see my article. If you want to practice 24/7 rain or shine a golfing simulator is a great investment for any golf regardless of skill level. To build one yourself and any questions you might have see my post.

Watch the golf lessons and Q & A session above with a pro golfer to help answer more of your questions.

Pros & Cons of Golf Lessons For A Beginner


The quickest way to improve your game is to go for a few lessons. For beginners the improvement can be rapid and significant. For this reason golf lessons are essential, as if play golf without developing the correct stance, correct grip and swing path you will become accustomed to the incorrect movement patterns that are very difficult to correct.

Think of yourself like a blank mould, a good teacher can bend and shape you into having excellent golf fundamentals that you will set up for golfing success, if you already have poor movement patterns your mould is set and it’s difficult to re-correct it.

Pro Golfers Have Lessons

As amateur golfers, we are inspired by our favorite pro golfers. We play golf and buy equipment to emulate what we see the pros do on tv. All the pros have coaches with who they take lessons. If the pros take lessons to improve, so should we.

What Are The Cons Of Golf Lessons?


Golf can be an expensive sport and that is certainly the case when it comes to golf lessons. Lessons typically cost $30-~$70 per hour. A beginner golfer to have five lessons will have to pay on average $250. Considering you may have already bought a set of clubs and joined a golf club, your budget will determine how many lessons you can afford.

To see if it’s better to have golf lessons indoors vs outdoors and which one you should go for checking out my article.

Poor Instructor

It is important to find the right instructor. A coach that has experience working with beginners and can help your game. From my experience, some golf instructors are in it for the money and their sole purpose is to get you to come back again and again, similar to a driving instructor. Don’t be afraid to switch instructors if you are not happy with what you are getting.

You might find you are struggling to hit the ball after your first lesson, there are clear reasons for this that everyone struggles with reading this article to understand why this happens.

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