How To Measure Putter Length (The Complete guide)

Putt for dough and drive for show as they say!. Putting is perhaps the most important part of your golfing game and is by far the easiest place to save shots on the course; in this guide, I will explain exactly how to measure your putter length.

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart on a flat putting surface, 
  2. Let your arms hang naturally in front of you, 
  3. Get someone to measure the distance from the ground to the top of your wrists. That distance should be the length of your putter’s shaft.

Getting the right length of putter for your size is essential for any golfer. Whether it’s syncing 5-footers or nailing the 20-footers, each putt is important, and if you don’t have the right equipment, that can cost you important shots off your round.

In this article, I will help you establish the right putter for your size while also explaingwhich length of putter might be better for your putting style. 

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What Is The Proper Putter Length For My Height?

HeightPutter Length
6’4” +36” 
6’0” – 6’4”35” 
5’9” – 6’0”34” – Standard length
5’6” – 5’9”33” 
5’4” – 5’6” 32”
5’0” – 5’4” 30” – 31” 
Putter length table

The length of the putter is related to your height, if your 6 feet(183cm) or taller you will use a 35 inch (88.9cm) putter, 5’9″(179cm) to 6″(183cm) you need a 34-inch(86.36cm) putter if your under 5’9”(179cm) use a 33-inch(83.82cm) putter

The putting stroke is like a pendulum. You want to smoothly swipe the ball in a straight and fluid stroke without hitting the ground or topping the ball. If you feel you’re bumping the ground too much when you putt or are striking the ball on its head, then the club is not the right size for you.

If you’re bumping the ground before you hit a putt that means you’re putter is a little too long for your height. If you’re topping the ball, seeing a bobble after you putt, or see the ball dying very quickly in your putts, then that could be an indication that the putter is too small for you.  

You’re putter is one of the most customisable clubs in your bag, with golfers able to change club heads to a variety of putters, which I go into more detail in my article assessing when to use each type of putter.

Find-tuning your putter is to be the right length for your size helps you complete a balanced and fluid swing can seriously help you save shots off your rounds. 

To hit sweet putts, you need to get the right putter for your size, which means you’ll need to get the tape measure out to measure your height. Your height can give you an excellent indication of the length of putter you need. Still, if you’re looking to be super accurate, you need to follow my three steps above, adopting a classic putting position with your arms and measure how far your wrists are away from the ground. 

Most golf shops will stock 34″ putters but can shave club shaft sizes to suit your needs. Many golfers buy putters at lengths to suit their technique. I’ve seen 6’0″ tall professional golfers play the Masters with putters that are over 40″ in length, while others players on the PGA Tour using a putter of a similar size to a kids club. 

Many golfers also compensate for having a putter that’s too long for them by gripping the club a little lower on the grip; this can reduce your control over the speed and accuracy of the shot and can also cause you to pull the ball from left to right too. 

That means it’s important to get the right length of putter for your height. If you’re stuck on what length of putting shaft is right for you, take a look at the table below, which should give you a great starting point for which club to use. 

Realistically, the only way you’ll be able to ascertain which putter is right for you is if you attend a club fitting session, please see my post on how important Club fitting sessions are so you can get a feel for different putter lengths and better understand which length is right for your height. 

Putter Length Calculation Table

This table sets out a definitive list of the different lengths of putters based on your height. These sizes aren’t an absolute as many golfers prefer playing with putters that are both longer and shorter than their height.

HeightPutter Length
6’4” +36” 
6’0” – 6’4”35” 
5’9” – 6’0”34” – Standard length
5’6” – 5’9”33” 
5’4” – 5’6” 32”
5’0” – 5’4” 30” – 31” 
Putter length table

How Tall Should A 35” Putter Be

Golfers between 6’0” and 6’4” tall should use a 35” putter. Putter length is directly proportionate to your height, so for a 6’0” tall golfer to comfortably grip and swing a putter, they should be using a club with a 35” club shaft. 

The length of the putter will be directly related to your height. If you are 6 feet or taller, you will need a 35 inch putter, 5’9″ to 6″ suggests a 34 inch putter, while 5’6″ to 5’9″ suggests a 33 inch putter.Feb 10, 2021

Those players over 6’0″ should look to use longer putters between 35″ or 36″ if you’re taller. Most golf shops won’t have these lengths of clubs in stock, so if you’re quite tall, you may want to phone up in advance and check to see if they have your in size in stock.

Thankfully though, most golfers looking for a 35” putter can find their size pretty easily on Amazon. For example, a brilliant putter that has helped many golfers tap in some awesome birdies over the years is the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter. 

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This putter has everything, from its white-hot putting face insert that generates better sound and feel on your shots to its exceptional weight placement that helps you keep your swing on line with the hole. But more importantly, are the customisation options you have with this A-grade putter on Amazon. 

You can choose from 33”, 34”, and 35” inches in size while also customising the clubhead for your personal preference, whether you’re looking for a mallet clubhead, a bladed head, or a v-line putter head. 

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, Amazon also sell 35″ versions of the TaylorMade Spider, one of the most highly rated putters on the PGA tour used by former Masters champion and former world No.1 Dustin Johnson. Unlike the Odyssey, the Spider is lighter and provides a higher MOI (moment of inertia) when you connect with the golf ball. 

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In layman’s terms, that means the club twists less in your hands, allowing you to strike straighter and truer shots at the hole, but the Spider is a costly and top-of-the-range golf club that really should be used by lower handicap players. Even when it comes to putters, high handicappers should avoid spending too much money on their equipment; see how much a high handicapper should spend on their clubs in my article.

Sometimes, the quality of the club may not be beneficial to your needs as an amateur golfer, and it may be better to purchase a mallet putter over a typically more expensive, high MOI putter. 

Your money is better spent paying a little extra to get the right length of putter for your height, as having the right length of a putter is way more important than having a top-of-the-range putter. 

Should I Use A 34 Or 35” Putter

A 34inch(86.36cm)putter is good for player between 5’9″(179cm) to 6″(183cm) whilst a 35 inch(88.9cm) putter is better who are r 6 feet(183cm) or taller. Golfers have experienced a light swing weight when putting with their 35 inch putter in comparison to a 34 inch putter.

Without knowing it, most golfers already putt with a 34″ golf shaft, with the 34″ being the stock size of putter for most clubs shops around the world. And while many golfers may be used to using a 34″ putter, you may want to trial a longer putter if you’re taller than 6’0″.

Choosing the right club for you doesn’t solely depend on your height though, it also comes down to what you’re most comfortable with and which putter suits your skillset and technique the most, here are some advantages to using a longer putter. 

Creating the perfect pendulum stroke can be harder with a smaller club. Pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau purposefully uses a putter with a very long grip that comes up to his elbow, and that helps him create an anchor point up his forearm, which gives him a much better pendulum swing through the golf ball. 

That helps him hit the ball straighter, keep his swing nice and controlled, and sync longer putts on the green. Many golfers who struggle with visualizing lines and reading greens may also benefit from using a longer putter because having an upright stance can help you see the shot you’re about to play a lot better. 

If you struggle with reading greens, you should think about booking a lesson with a club pro, who, as I state in my article on the 11 benefits of having a golf lesson, can help you better understand how to navigate the different slopes a green can throw at you. 

Senior golfers may also want to consider using a slightly longer putter too. If you suffer from a bad back or are looking to stay fit and keep your back healthy, slouching over a smaller putter for 20-30 shots every round can do some damage to your back.

But having a slightly longer putter can give you better posture and help keep your back in good shape as you tap in those birdie putts, please check out my article on the 6 major muscle groups used in golf so you can strengthen them to stay healthy playing better than ever before.

Likewise, senior golfers can also benefit from golf lessons, and while you’re in the market for a new putter, why not also check out my six reasons why golf lessons can benefit senior golfers, one of which includes how experienced golfers can hone in on their putting technique. 

Longer putters also typically offer golfers a better grip than their shorter counterparts. If you’re clubbing up in size to a slightly longer putter for your height, you’ll find you have more grip to work with and can adjust where you want to hold the club on the shaft, whether that’s a low grip, medium grip, or a very high grip. 

The problem with long putters is that they tend to be slightly heavier and clunkier than shorter putters. That makes them slightly more beneficial for beginner golfers as they act as a good aid to help beginner golfers develop a better sense of length and gauge how hard to hit each putt.

Yet being the lighter club, the 34″ putter may be more beneficial for experienced golfers playing on faster greens. The faster the green, the faster the ball will move, and that’s why lighter putters are more beneficial to help you get the right speed on those greens, requiring a lot less control than perhaps a heavy putter might on a fast green. 

If you’re in the market for a light 34″ putter that can seriously improve your accuracy, I’d recommend picking up a Scotty Cameron Newport Blade Putter. This putter has a great balance over the golf ball, helping you putt smoothly at a controlled pace, while also comes with a specially milled club face which helps to provide a smooth roll on the ball as you putt for the hole.

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You can grab yours now from Amazon, but you’ll need to order quickly as these putters are flying off the shelves!

Ultimately, whether you opt to purchase a 34″ or 35″ inch putter is down to personal preference. Some golfers prefer to grip down on a shorter club and have their eyes closer to the ground, while others would rather be much higher up to see the curvature of the greens with perhaps a 35″ or 36″ club. 

Trial out each club at a club fitting session see how crucial this is in my article and work with a coach during that session to establish a club that suits your height, grip, and swing action.

Once you’ve found a club that you’re comfortable putting with, whether that’s a 34″ or a 35″ putter, start to work more on improving your green reading skills by playing different courses, and watch yourself save more shots on the green!

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