Do Graphite Shafts Break Easily? (Golfers Say…)

Over the last forty years, graphite shafts have been considered to break more easily than steel shafts. However, with recent improvements by composite manufacturers, they are now on par with steel shafts.

To understand graphite shafts better, we will focus on two topics: Do graphite shafts break easily, and how long does a graphite shaft last?

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Do Graphite Shafts Break More Easily?

Graphite shafts do not break easier than steel shafts. Graphite shafts are more robust, lighter, stiffer, and easier to hit than steel shafts. Graphite is a synthetic, lightweight material with superior performance. In golf, graphite shafts will perform and last longer than steel shafts.

The study I have read states that there are reasons for golf clubs, graphite, or steel to break, and most of them have to do with poor swing technique by the golfer. Shots hit fat or on the heel or the hosel can cause chipping and cracking on the club’s laminated seal, which leads to a break in the club.

Also, if you leave steel shaft clubs out in the rain, rust will develop, or if you store the clubs in a room with high temperatures, problems can develop, these are the reasons that clubs will break, and it does not matter if they are steel or graphite!

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How Long Does A Graphite Shaft Last?

Graphite shafts last at least 20 years as graphite is the compositive material of choice for a lightweight material needed for superior performance, such as making spacecraft and racecars. In addition, graphite shafts will perform and last longer than steel shafts.

According to composite material manufacturers, “the graphite shaft will last as long as you do!”

These composite manufacturers say they are making a composition of two or more materials when making the clubs. As a result, the combination of the two materials is better than if apart.

The technical term for this is “carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).” This makes the graphite shaft stronger and stiffer and lighter and longer-lasting and has no fatigue factor in breaking.

I read a scientific comparison to explain what CFRP does using something we are familiar with, a concrete patio!

Now, a concrete patio is made of concrete and rebar to hold the concrete together. If you want to read more on this, check this out.

Graphite shafts are made of carbon, and they take these carbon fibers and use resin to keep them from breaking!

This composite material is why graphite shafts can last at least twenty years if used and stored correctly and now are on par with steel shafts.

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