Can You Wear Your Rolex While Playing Golf? (don’t break it!)

Wearing a Rolex is a sign of wealth and status, but that doesn’t mean you can wear it all the time. Can you wear your Rolex whilst playing Golf? In this article, you will find out.

You should not wear your Rolex Golfing as swinging a Golf club sends a shock from the club head to the Rolex that can damage it, and depending on the size of the Rolex it can affect your Swing. Although it depends on the size of the watch, it is worth saying that Jack Nicholas wore his Rolex in every major tournament.

I wouldn’t recommend playing Golf with a dress Rolex due to the risk of damage. I will explain the reasons why and why not you should Golf with a Rolex, and if a Rolex affects your Golf swing. Read on to find out.

However, some Rolex’s like the Sea-Dweller is designed to be ultra-resistant for divers so the force generated from a Golf swing will not be a problem.

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Can I Play Golf With My Rolex

Jack Nicklaus wore a golf Rolex in all his major competitions, playing Golf with a Rolex does carry the risk of damaging the watch but many people Golf wearing a Rolex with no damage to their score or their watch.

Playing Golf Can Damage A Rolex

The biggest risk comes when driving a ball off the tee, as that requires the most force to be generated.

Whenever you hit a ball, a shock wave is sent up the shaft of the club to the Golfers hand and then the watch, this shockwave can cause the watches spring to jump and parts to become loose, leading to a one-stop ticket to your local Rolex watchmaker.

A dress Rolex is even worse, as they are more sensitive to impacts than a sports watch or a watch like the Sea-Dweller, if your Rolex is gold it can be dinged whenever you’re playing Golf which leaves a mark. Leather straps are a big no-no as your sweat can ruin the straps over a game.

I’ve heard anecdotes of Golfers who came down from a swing only to see their watch hands rolling inside the crystal, all this could have been avoided if you left the Rolex at home.

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Depending on Rolex’s size it may be uncomfortable wearing it with a Golf club, to see why Golfers wear one glove and not two, see my article.

The Rolex user Kizerman from the Rolex forums said the following about wearing a Rolex.

I can see wearing a Rolex sports watch because they are so light and small but the PAM and Breitling would be no good for golf. My local Rolex watchmaker says it’s not good for a regular golfer to do so. He has a lot of golfing clients that give him a lot of business.


However, a lot of people on the same forum and famously Jack Nicklaus wear their Rolex all the time even when playing Golf.

Other users from the same forum mention they wear a Garmin Approach X40 a lightweight smartwatch specifically designed for Golf, instead of their Rolex. It has built-in GPS making keeping track of your score and finding the green a breeze.

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I don’t as I wear a Garmin Approach X40. If you don’t use a Garmin or similar watch I think it just comes down to personal preference, you wont do the watch any damage so wear it as long as it’s comfortable to do so.


Many Golfers Play Wearing A Rolex

However, on the same forum and I see people on my course wear Rolex and play just fine. It definitely isn’t good for your Rolex, but they are built to last so wearing it for a couple of games shouldn’t damage it.

Always wear my DJ when I shoot golf.. Never had any problems.


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Does Wearing A Watch Affect Golf Swing?

Heavier watches can be uncomfortable to wear when playing Golf and throw off your swings follow through if you’re not used to it, if you wear your watch loose it can move around and interrupt your swing. However, Jack Nicklaus won 18 majors wearing a Gold Rolex so it’s all personal preference.

It’s all about how comfortable you are wearing your Rolex, if you wear it for everyday things around the house and don’t notice it, then wearing your Rolex whilst playing Golf will not be an issue.

Although, if your Rolex is heavy and bulky and you notice it whenever you wear it, then likely it will bother you and make your swing a lot less comfortable and hurt your game.

However, for some people, it helps their game!

A user from the Rolex forums said the following, so wearing a Rolex might even improve your swing. I still wouldn’t recommend it due to the unnecessary force your putting on the watch, but Rolex watches are built to last so if you really want to so for it.

My yellow gold DayDate was an integral aspect of my swing. The added weight added at least 30 yards to my drive. Seriously, my golf swing looked like I was having a seizure. The watch stayed on my wrist because that was the safest place for it. I’ve worn it shooting clays for 20 years and it’s just fine. Rolex watches are built tough.


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