Can You Fit Golf Clubs In A Mini Cooper( Is It TOO Mini?)

Love to play golf but not sure if your clubs will fit in a mini cooper? Mini’s are beautiful cars but that are quite small and don’t have much space for golf clubs but let’s see if they fit.

You can fit 1-2 Golf bags in the back of a Mini Cooper if the rear seats are folded down to make a shelf whilst taking the Drivers out of the bags and placing them alongside the bag. Remember to wrap a towel between your clubs to protect the clubs and stop constant rattling as you drive.

You can see for yourself in this car golf forum where the user adsc4s wrote the following

I’ve taken 2 buddies, both 6’1″ and 3 bags in my Cooper S. With both seats down, you could easily fit 4 golf bags.

Clearly if he fit 3 bags in his mini cooper you could keep a set of golf clubs. Keep reading, and I will explain how do you put Golf Clubs in a Mini Cooper and keep them snug and protected.

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Can You Fit A Set Of Golf Clubs In A Mini Cooper?

If you fold the back seats as demonstrated in the above video, you will fit 1-3 golf bags, with 1 golf bag, it will leave room for the rest of your luggage and even a road bike!

Don’t believe me? The user sbutler20 in this car forum even had room for a road bike with the two sets of golf clubs in the back!

Two sets, both seats down no problem(including push carts) road bike with two sets of wheels and a trainer no problem. I would leave a blanket in the back to keep the clubs from banging on the side.. I’ve already got lots of little nicls


I recommend buying a Yoga mat like this one from Amazon to stop any part of the bags or clubs from touching the seats or doors of the car, it will easily extend to both sides of the door, or use a towel. If you don’t you will damage both the mini cooper and the clubs.

Or you can use a large Carabiner clip, get a pack of 4 from Amazon to attach the belts of your car to the Golf bag to keep it secure, otherwise the bag will move forward as you drive. You don’t want to damage your Mini!

Keeping your bag in your Golf club is another option, it saves you time and energy transporting your clubs to your course every time you play, but it isn’t too much hassle.

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