Can You Fit Golf Clubs In A Ferrari California?

Everyone loved luxury sports cars, the Italian luxury car brand Ferrari is one of the most famous, but sports cars come at the cost of reduced storage space. Can you fit golf clubs in a Ferrari California?

The Ferrari California trunk space top up/down is 12.7/9.2 cu-ft which is enough to fit a golf bag and more when the back seats are down. But you cannot fit more than one golf bag.

You can see a video of the Ferrari California accommodating a golf bag in the below video. Keep reading to know how to keep your golf clubs safe while driving and if the Ferrari California has 4 seats!

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How To Protect Golf Clubs When Travelling

Whilst the Ferrari California can fit one golf bag that doesn’t mean they will be protected as you drive to the course.

I recommend buying a Yoga mat like this one from Amazon to stop any part of the bags or clubs from touching the seats or doors of the car, during travel.

A mat will easily extend to both sides of the door or you can a towel. If you protect your clubs they will damage themselves and your Ferrari.

Or you can use a large Carabiner clip, get a pack of 4 from Amazon to attach the belts of your car to the Golf bag to keep it secure, otherwise the bag will move forward as you drive. You don’t want to damage your car!

Keeping your bag in your Golf club is another option, it saves you time and energy transporting your clubs to your course every time you play, but it isn’t too much hassle folding the back seats down of your Ferrarri.

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Does the Ferrari California Have 4 Seats?

The Ferrari California is available in two seats with a rear bench for skis or golf clubs and is Ferrari’s first four-seater to sport a V8 turbo engine. It is aimed at car owners who want a car that is not only sporty but is versatile enough for everyday driving.

To see a review of the Ferrari California check out the above video, or to see how practical it is consider reading the One Shows blog post here.

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